Making dirty panty stories come true is how I spent my holiday!

Christmas is the best time of the year. This year would be even better since I would have dirty panty stories to tell and I know at least one person whose last Christmas was more than best. He is my neighbor. His name is Alan. I have known him from the last 12 years.

He had a crush on me when we were kids and he still cannot stop staring at my ass and my legs whenever I happen to cross him on the streets or in the mall. I find it cute and funny but I am totally out of his league. Last Christmas my dad invited his family over for dinner. Alan accompanied his parents. He was wearing a smart black suit.

I was on the phone in the kitchen, grabbing some ice cream from the refrigerator when I saw him entering the house and looking around. Was he looking for me? I bet he was and that is when I decided to play with his head. So I stood there and as soon as he looked towards me, I waved my hand and invited him in the kitchen.

I was in my shorts and my sports bra – perfect eye candy for Alan. He was excited to see me and his pants confirmed the same. We stood there, I asked him about college and gave him the naughtiest smile. I then decided to make things better for his and my pleasure and so I invited him to my room upstairs. He was walking behind me, enjoying what he was seeing; and I was just teasing and having fun.

We reached my room, and I made him sit on the couch while I jumped on the bed.

“Do you like me?” I asked bluntly.

He was shocked but happy. I could see it all over his face. Before he could answer, I asked him to grab my black high heels from the rack and polish them nicely with his shirt.

He looked at me in a shock but then got up and started moving towards the rack. I excused myself to the washroom and changed into fresh clothes. I also changed the dirty panties that I had worn earlier to college and then the gym. When I moved out of the bathroom, Alan was cleaning the last inch of my black heels. I walked towards him.

Then I put my hand on his shoulder, slipped my feet in the heels and stuffed my dirty panties into his mouth. His dick grew harder. I put my right foot on his lap, slapped his face playfully and ordered him to sleep with my dirty panties in his mouth every night until the next Christmas.

“If you do a good job, maybe I’ll let you worship my tight body next time,” I say teasingly to him. Has he been a good boy? I don’t think so. He is going to wear those dirty panties and get a good spanking tonight.

He will be back very soon to have some more fun with me. I know he is dreaming about my dirty panty stories!


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