Dirty Panty Sniffer Fetish

Wait until you see what I do to a dirty panty sniffer. My roommate’s boyfriend has been staying over this week but I had no idea he had a panty fetish. At first when I noticed my panties coming up missing I thought it was just in my head. Then I caught him red handed he actually stole my my panties. It was the middle of the day and as I was walking up to my room to grab my laundry I heard some soft moaning coming from my bedroom. When I opened the room there he was in my room laying on my bed with my dirty panties shoved up his nose and another wrapped around his dick. Because I came home early I startled him. After our confrontation, I did notice how cute he was when he was embarrassed.

He confessed he loved the smell and licking them, sniffing them, and masturbating with them. He even told me sometimes he puts on my dirty panties. The thought of those pussy stained panties against his cock gets him turned on but after he stretches them out he’s scared I’ll notice so he keeps those for himself. I had no idea my roommate had a panty boy as a boyfriend. Before he could get away with being a dirty panty sniffer I snapped a picture with my phone and you could clearly see my panties laying over his dick. After I took the picture he freaked and begged for me to delete it but that’s not how I do things.

Even if I have to blackmail you, you have to do something for me if you want me to do something for you. He told me he’s do anything to keep me quiet. The first mistake was allowing himself to get caught but never tell me you’ll do anything I’ll test you. I took off my sweaty dirty panties that I had on and shoved him right up his nose. The smell of my dirty panties made his cock hard. I forced him to masturbate while shoved dirty panties inside his mouth. After grabbing another pair, I rubbed them all over his face and then dragged them down to his cock. I rubbed the dirty crotch of my panties against his cock. He may be taken but he’s my dirty panty sniffer now.

Kinky Kelsey