Dirty Panty Fantasy – Sometimes I wonder if I’ve got an addiction to buying panties

Dirty Panty Fantasy – Going to the mall and stop in all of the lingerie stores. I love looking through all of the styles and different kinds of fabrics. I have a real thing for black velvet and lace. Silk panties always have a place in my heart too. Every time I go shopping I usually come home with a new pair. Why do you buy so many panties you ask? Well, a girl can never have too many for one. And another, I love to give my favorite boys a little bit of me.

I think the entire phonesex experience is heightened to new levels of kinkiness when you have my panties wrapped around your cock. Having someone need your panties is one of the things that makes what I do incredible. It makes me feel so worshipped to have someone treat my filthy panties like gold. Fulfilling my dirty panty fantasy with you is a huge turn on for me.

I’m a very active girl, so my panties can sometimes get soaked

in sweat. When I’m jogging or walking my dog I really like to put in a little extra work. Soaking those panties in sweat and sometimes pussy cream after I’ve been running for a long time.

I’ll put on a pair of panties right after we fuck so your cum can drip down into them while I walk around throughout the day, or while I’m on the phone having sex. Having someone be so obsessed with my pussy that they’d pay me for the panties I just soiled turns me on so hard I want to take it to the next level.

When I know someone really wants to fulfill my dirty panty fantasy, they join in on the fun with me. Wear my panties and stroke your cock with them on. I want them to rub my creamy pussy all over that cock when I can’t be there to do it in real time. The most adventurous panty lovers put on my lacy thongs and show themselves to me on skype.

I love to watch you parade around in my skivvies. Making it hard for your cock not a throb under that latex. I want to rub my hand up against that throbbing cock and jerk it up and down with those dirty panties. I want you to fill them with your cum and keep them as a trophy. Hit me up if this sounds like you, you won’t regret it.

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