My New Boyfriend Is A Dirty Panty Boy & I Love It!

A dirty panty boy? I thought to myself. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I don’t know if he had done it by accident but it was him. It was clearly him. My new boyfriend had sent me a picture of himself wearing a thong I left at his place. I don’t know if he realized he sent it but knowing what he truly liked was so hot and it gave me the best idea ever.

I called my new boyfriend up and told him I want it him to come over. When he arrived he want it to talk to me about the photo I got. He started making excuses and saying that he had lost a bet and had to send a picture to his friend to prove it, but I know that was a lie. I took him to my bedroom where I had laid out the sexist thongs I owned. There, I made him try on every single of them. He was very surprised but loved it.

Why did I know he loved it? Because in ever pair of panties he wore he left me some precum. I now knew how much it excited him and I was going to use it against him. While he was sitting on my bed wearing my favorite pair of panties when I told him I want it him to start jerking off for me. He did! kneeled right in front of him and watched up close how he stroked his cock in my panties and it was very hot. All I want it for him was to cum and he did.

For some reason I have a feeling he want it something else, that this panty fetish is more than just that. That’s why next time he comes over I am going to try something else while he wears my panties.

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