Make Your Dirty Panties Fantasy Come True

You know who you are you dirty boy.  Dirty panties are your thing.  You are the guy who can not get the balls to talk to hot girls so instead you just creep on them from a distance.  You follow them to sniff their perfume and day dream of what their skin must taste like.  That heavenly aroma that makes you hard in a instant, but nothing compares to the scent of their sweet pussies.

Your best friend’s girlfriend or sister, your hot roommate, or even just a girl who left her clothes unattended in the laundromat, all are fair game for a sniff.    You quickly sneak them into your pocket and feel that feeling of overwhelming excitement come over your body.  Your rush home is no match for your perverted needs and desires.

You can’t wait to pull those dirty panties out and have a sniff.

Your cock, now rock hard, your balls full of cum, you press that silk material to your face.  Inhaling deeply, you feel like your cock is going to rip right through your pants.  Its almost too much to bare.  As you walk through your door, you find the closest available area to beat your meat.   Oh the smell, the musty smell of a freshly fucked pussy.  Its a smell so erotic its addictive.

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