Dirty Panties for My Darling Pervert

My boyfriend had a roommate in college that I loved to call my darling pervert.  My boyfriend never knew, but we had a naughty little secret between the two of us.  He had an obsession with my cum filled panties and I loved to fuel his slutty addiction.  Not only did he love my dirty panties, but he also loved to listen to my boyfriend and I fuck for his own jerk off purposes.  When we would finish I would drop my cum soaked panties by his door on my way to the bathroom.

I couldn’t help but get turned on knowing he was listening and I think my boyfriend liked it too.  The thought of him in his room masturbating with my warm, cum filled panties was so fucking erotic.  It made me feel oddly powerful to have such control over a man I never actually had sex with.  Teasing him was a game I quickly became addicted to just as much as he did to my panties.

 I never told my boyfriend I would give his roommate my panties, but I don’t think he would have been that surprised either.  There had to be some reason I never wore the same pair twice.   I sometimes wonder if he still has a collection of them somewhere in his room.  The thought of him keeping them all this time makes me wet all over again.  Maybe I need to find a new darling dirty panty sniffing pervert.

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