Dirty Mommas Boy

What a pathetic little Mommas boy!  Sitting in your closet,  jerking your cock, listening to mommy get fucked by her newest boy toy.  You feel you cock throbbing as mommy’s moans grow louder.  You wish it was you fucking mommy instead of that random guy she brought home.  Your heart is racing as you pull out your cock.  You hear her cry to be fucked harder.  And you just can’t contain yourself any longer!  You press your ear on the wall and begin to stroke your cock.  You’re imagining mommy’s wet pussy grinding on you dick, covering you in sweet pussy juice.

  In your masturbation frenzy, you didn’t notice the sound stop.  Before you know it I open the closet door just as you blow you load.  That hot cream shoots all over my naked body.  What a naughty fucking pervert!  I shake my head and give you that look you know all too well.  Mommy isn’t happy and you have to be punished!  You crawl out of the closet and sit up on your knees.  Then you begin to lick your cum from my toes as I spread my legs wide.  You look up slowly to see the fresh cum leaking out of my cunt.  Without saying a word, I command you to lick my pussy clean.

 Mommy’s creampie wont clean itself.

  Cleaning mommy’s cunt is definitely your least favorite punishment, but like a good little boy, you do it anyway.  Your soft tongue tickling my clit and causing me to grind onto your face.  The taste of  my pussy juice makes the taste of cum bearable and you drive your tongue in deep, lapping up every drop.  You feel your cock get hard again.  I reach down, grab you dick, and drag you to your bed.  Pulling you up, still holding a firm grip on you shaft, and bed you over the side.  I tell you to stay put as I waked back to my room.  You wait nervously, anxious to know what I could be getting.

  I return to your room, wielding a riding crop, and wearing my favorite black strap-on.  You feel the leather flapper sliding up and down your ass crack.  Mommy’s always loved this punishment the most.   With each snap, my excitement grew.  Perverted little fuck twits need to be whipped into submission from time to time.  Cherry red welts form on your ass as you receive blow after blow.  The sting was both painful and pleasurable and cause goose-bumps on your arms.

Your favorite part of the punishment was yet to come.

I kick your feet apart, squirting lube directly into your tight hole.  You feel the pressure of my cock head for only a second before I thrust myself all the way inside.  I grab your hair, pulling your head back sharply, and force you to apologize for being such a naughty boy.  Each thrust was followed by an “I’m sorry, mommy” until your prostate couldn’t take any more.   Cum stripping down your comforter, your legs go weak, and you slump to the floor.  I pat your head and tell you I forgive you before turning and leaving the room.  Your welted ass and stretch out hole will be feeling this punishment for days!

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