As a nympho MILF, I get my fucks all over the place. In fact, some of my favorite fucks are the delivery guys that visit my house. Sadly, I find myself as the dirty mom blackmailed.

My wicked son has been spying on me. He knows I am a naughty mom, however, until recently, he didn’t realize how naughty. Of course, being the little shit he is, he has been filming his mommy and my sexcapades.

Now, that crazy-ass son of mine is blackmailing me. His demand to the woman who pushed him out of my smucker is sex. Yep, if I don’t fuck him, he is telling his father all the vulgarities I’ve been up to. What a shit stain of a kid, right?! Like father, like son as the saying goes.

So, now this dirty mom blackmailed is going to fuck my own kid.

How insane is that? Of course, my son is drop-dead gorgeous like his father. In fact, fucking him will be like fucking a younger version of my old man. It isn’t fucking him that bothers me. It is him forcing me to do it.

Hell, if I had initiated the fun with him, I would be all in. The fact that he is hanging this video over me is pissing me off. It makes me not want to fuck him or give him the satisfaction of controlling my pussy. Of course, I don’t have a fucking choice in the matter, now do I?

If my husband learns the truth about this dirty mom blackmailed and my activities it could get really fucking ugly. And, I love my world and the lifestyle I’m accustomed to. He doesn’t need to know all the naughty details when we are apart.

That means, my son is winning this round of blackmail.

Of course, it also means he is dipping his young dick in Mommy’s cunt. He has a big thick dick for a guy his age. And, I love fucking younger men. So, whether I want to or not, I will probably enjoy fucking him.

In fact, just thinking about him and his hard young piece of meat gets my pussy wet. It brings back memories of our dirty rendezvous early in our relationship. And why I am a dirty mom blackmailed. Oh, he was such a hot stud back then, knows just how to fuck me ruthlessly.

His big cock is still in good working order. Yet, my insatiable need for sex is more than he is willing to provide. Back in the day, we were fucking all night long and into the weekends. Then, life and the needs for him as a father and businessman started wearing him down.

That is when I started seeing potential playmates everywhere I looked.

As I meet new and more virile guys, I seem to crave more sex. Soon, I am fucking everyone who crosses my path. Guys and women become my party favors. Of course, there are always people ready to fuck this dirty mom blackmailed.

My son is an opportunity to reminisce and have amazing sex. I can mold him to be the playmate mommy craves. And, that is what I am going to do. Of course, my insane deep-throating skills will rock his world.

Tonight is our first night and I am ready to fuck him while my husband is out of town.  Our son comes into the bedroom wearing only his boxer briefs and a hard dick.

This dirty mom blackmailed goes straight to stroking and sucking on his rock-hard rod.

As I am rocking my son’s world he is moaning loudly. He is anxious to get to my pussy, so I take his fingers and slide them inside me. It is a bit much for him as he blows his first load of the night.

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