Dirty Lunchtime Fuck- Scott gets my pussy for lunch!

Dirty Lunchtime Fuck – you know you want it. I worked as a temp a few summers ago. The work was pretty boring. It was typical office shit. The people were all old and boring to me. I think I was the youngest in the office.

We had to wear office clothes, so I generally wore a white blouse and a black skirt. I sat at a desk, filing, doing data entry, and your basic dull work. There were a few guys in their late 20’s – early 30’s who would often make excuses to come near my desk. They were actually not bad guys, just bored like me. Scott was pretty cool. He was a little shyer and nerdier than his friends.

One day, near the end of my time at the company, I decided to make a move on Scott. I brought a lunch that included wine, cheese, and fruit and asked him if he wanted to eat lunch with me in his car.  He blushed and right away said yes. His friends looked shocked. They were all married or engaged anyways.

We went to his car in the parking lot. I put lunch in the back seat. “Scott, I think I know what you really want for lunch.” I leaned back on the door and bent my knees on the seat, and spread my legs. “Eat my pussy, Scott.”

He looked shocked; but excited as he got between my legs, slid my panties to the side and started to lick and suck my pussy. He could not get enough of my sweet plump cunt. He put his fingers inside of me and sucked my clit. I came in his mouth!

I looked up at the window of our office suite and saw his friends cheering him on.

I reached over and pulled his cock out of his jeans and stroked it till he came.

We both agreed that was the best lunch break ever during our time at that boring company


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