My friends-with-benefits goes crazy for dirty lingerie..

Dirty lingerie drives my friend-with-benefits crazy.. He loves it. It’s kind of like the dirty panty fetish, but a little wilder.. He loves to be the one dirtying it all up, too! Something about getting to fuck me while I’m wearing a thong can completely rock his world for the night.. but there’s an extra little glimmer in his eyes when I sleep in it and then try to seduce him the next morning, while I’m still wearing it. I’m not sure if it’s the smell of my pussy, the smell of last night’s sex, or how sometimes they’re a little warm and wet from a naughty dream..

It drives him completely crazy, and I love it. Sometimes I go out of my way to make sure I sleep in it, and that he gets a good view of it, that he won’t think I quickly threw it on in the morning. It adds something extra that he can’t get enough of.. I think he’d love dirty panties too, but the extra lacey lingerie bit of it helps push him over the edge. I love when he wakes up first, too..and his curiosity gets the best of him and he ends up slipping the covers off slowly, or sometimes going under them.. wandering down, kissing every bit of me, until he finally gets to my lacey thong. And he can lick it, taste it, suck on them a little and taste my pussy juices through it.. It’s woken me up a few times, and it always gets me soaking wet for him. He knows how to turn a girl on, that’s for sure! I do not mind waking up like that at all 😉 With his lips up against my clit..and only a little black thong in between, soaking wet as a little symbol of how much I want him to rip it right off!

Come play with me.

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