Brother Sister Dirty Incest Fantasies

I had some Dirty Incest when my favorite family vacation turned into a brother and sister fuck fest. Daddy was fucking mommy in the hotel room next to us. I could hear the headboard hitting the wall and slight moaning. As I laid there in my bed sharing a hotel room with my brother I started getting jealous. I really wanted some dirty incest with daddy Then I remembered my brother sleeping in the other bed. After a few attempts of masturbating, which wasn’t enough, I knew what I had to do. I climbed into his bed and got under the covers. His hard boner was sticking straight out like it had been waiting for me. I grab and stroke it a few times. My brother doesn’t wake up although he did move a little. When I slipped his cock in my mouth that got his attention.

After a couple of attempts to stop me he had lost control to me. My mouth felt so good on his cock he no longer anted me to stop. This is just the beginning of one dirty incest night. What better way to start a vacation than a blow job? My mouth slides further down his shaft. I do little tongue tease tricks daddy taught me on his cock head. He’s grabbing the sheets and breathing hard but his cock is throbbing inside my mouth. I feel him lift me and roll me onto my back before I could say anything he was pressing his lips against my pussy and sliding his tongue inside me. It was such a tease having my brother lick up and down my pussy lips and circle his tongue around my clit.

He stops using his mouth but that’s when he lifts my hips and inserts his cock inside me. I feel him slowly push each inch deeper inside me. He’s already given me so much pleasure. My legs rap around him as he thrust in and out. I feel myself dripping I’m so wet. When his cock starts to twitch he slows down then he pulls out of me I notice he’s blew his big load inside me. I got more dirty incest secrets share yours and I’ll share mine. Ready to role play all your hot brother sister fantasies? I’ll share all my Teen phone sex confessions.

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