My Dirty incest fantasies with little brother

I have been so bad, I have been having dirty incest fantasies with little brother. It started when I caught him jerking off, getting a glimpse of his big juicy cock in his hand. I had no idea he was so big. I lay in bed with that mental imagine of him fucking his hand, My panties start getting wet I slide my hand down inside and finger my pussy. Finally I just couldn’t take anymore of these dirty incest fantasies so I did what any good sister would do, I acted on them. I waited until the parents went to bed and I snuck into his room, climbed in his bed, and slid my hands down his boxers.

Crawling into his bed

He didn’t even notice I was in his bed at first but I didn’t care if he woke up or not. I was getting some of that brother cock inside me one way or another. When I grabbed his cock, to my surprise it was already hard. I felt it throbbing in the palm of my hand. Feeling his throbs got me a little carried away I began stroking him hard and fast which woke him up. I got the whole you’re my sister and incest is wrong. I’m not going to lie I wasn’t listening to a word he said I just kept thinking about my dirty incest fantasies, at one point I thought about shoving my wet panties in his mouth to shut him up but instead I just went straight for the kill.

I shoved him back on the bed, there was little struggling until I stuck his cock in my mouth. His struggles started to cease, He put his hand on my head and pushed down, pushing my mouth down his shaft. I loved feeling my brother throb in my mouth.

Dirty brother sister sex

He raised my head off his cock and placed me on top of him straddling his face he‘s licking my pussy rolling his tongue back to my ass. My brother was the first one to give me an ass licking. He rolls me over slides his cock inside me I instantly get wet. Who knew brother would feel so good slamming into me with his big thick cock. Haven’t you ever had dirty incest fantasies before. Ever thought about what it would feel like to have your sister riding your cock. I know I’m not the only with brother/sister incest fantasies, So tell me all about yours. I want to know all your dirty incest fantasies.

Giving little brother jerk off instructions

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