The Dirty Incest Family Secret with Uncle Roger and Young Girl

Incest is the dirty little secret in Sherrie’s family. Her Uncle Roger noticed her when she was only 12 years old. It was Thanksgiving and the house was filled with family and out of town guests. Uncle Roger was her dad’s loud, obnoxious, older brother who brought the booze and the party to every holiday occasion.  He also bought all the cool presents for all the kids in the family. He was the cool hip uncle. After everyone was filled with Thanksgiving dinner and dessert and booze and the kids were done with their video games and the adults were done with their card games and everyone was asleep and the house was quiet Uncle Roger snuck into Sherrie’s room.

She was sleeping with the necklace he bought her around her neck.

He stared at her and slid his hand inside her panties and stroked her sweet pussy. Sherrie awoke and spread her legs apart. Uncle Roger pulled off her panties and licked her clit. She moaned. He pulled out his cock and begged her to kiss it. She did. He fucked her that night like she was a woman and not a girl. Sherrie became his Incest lover. Uncle Roger found more reasons to visit his brother’s family and more secret hide a way to fuck his sweet niece. As an adult, Sherrie still had the hots for her uncle and would sneak off to meet him and let him take her firm body and she, in turn, made him cum so hard. Their dirty little secret was their biggest turn on.

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