Kinky Kelsey’s Brother/Sister incest confession

I got a new incest confession to make I’ve been manipulating little brother to fuck me. To this day he thinks it was all his idea but it was me that was setting him up. Brother’s always make it known when they see something they want. Because they have no idea how to be subtle it makes them easy to manipulate. I knew the way he looked at my ass I turned him on so I knew what to use in manipulating him. When taking my shower I made sure to leave the door cracked and when I got out I walked around in my towel before getting dressed. Before bedtime I would slide on a sexy pair of panties, a t shirt and spray on perfume. Sometime in the night my door would squeak open as he would sneak in.

I’d lay in bed and feel his hands reach under my shirt and inside my panties. If he only knew I wasn’t dumb to what he was doing to me in my sleep. Every time I felt him feeling me up I would lie still and pretend to be asleep. He didn’t jump right in to fucking me at first he was just touching. His hands reaching inside my t shirt and playing with my tits then down inside my panties rubbing my pussy lips. As time passed touching turned into him masturbating while fingering me. Even though I always pretended to be asleep I could hide how wet he made me. For once my brother had done something right he knew how to use those fingers inside me. I’ll never forget how good it felt and the sounds of him jerking his cock next time me.

It took a couple of months before he worked up the courage to take things a little further. If you can’t handle a little brother sister incest stop reading now. The door squeaked open, he came over and started feeling me up but this time he didn’t stop there. My eyes cracked open and this time I saw him taking his pants off. Positioning himself behind me he slowly pulled down my panties trying not to wake me. He started by rubbing his cock head against my pussy lips but after getting too excited with one thrust he pushed his dick inside me. I’m guessing he wasn’t too experienced because he came so fast and didn’t even know to pull out. I spent the night with my brother’s cum inside me. There is more to confess! Call me and I’ll give you all my dirty incest confession.

Kinky Kelsey’s