We ALL know by now that I’m a dirty, dirty homewrecker.

 I love married men! I keep several on hand at any given time to play with. What can I say, they make excellent toys! They are SO fucking eager, because they aren’t getting what they lust for at home anymore! There’s nothing sexy about “not tonight, I have a headache” or “don’t touch me!” Ah, but when ladies begin to ignore their man, that’s when I move in for the kill! They are SO starved for something new and exciting that the poor things have ZERO chance of resisting! I love being the dirty homewrecker.

I had an AWESOME experience with once such married fuck toy of mine last weekend. Quite often, his wife goes out of town to visit her family. During these trips, I go to his house and spend the weekend, making sure that I fuck him everywhere in the house possible, especially their bed! I love the thought that after I leave, she comes home and sleeps on the sheets that have our cum mixed together on them! I LOVE making him use HER pillow to prop my ass up in the air before he spreads my legs and drives that married cock deep into my pussy! How many nights has she gone to sleep with her face buried in the pillow that’s been covered in my slutty homewrecker juices?

Last weekend, as usual, I packed an overnight bag and met him at his house after he got off of work Friday evening, planning to spend the whole weekend there.

Of course I had all my favorite toys. The ones I like to use on me, and the ones I like to use on him! You see, unbeknownst to his innocent little wifey-poo. This fuck toy, whom we shall give the random name Phil, LOVES having his ass fucked! I found this out quite by accident, but once he’d confessed to me, I couldn’t resist bringing my strap on to one of our outings and convincing him to let me fuck him in the ass for the first time! Not that he hadn’t worn that ass out on his own, haha! He fucked his own ass every time she wasn’t around! My little married anal freak just couldn’t get enough of having his tight little asshole stretched open wide!

This particular weekend, I’d gone all out… tying him to the bed face down, legs spread and tied to the bottom posts and held open, so I could invade his ass as deep and as hard as I wanted! He loved being restrained and impaled this way, and we were DEEPLY into our ass play when all at once, we heard the bedroom door slam open and a woman’s voice screeching! My mouth dropped open as I realized it was Stacy, home early from her trip! (I recognized her face because I’d spent many a night with him tied to a chair, edging his cock while I coaxed him to cum all over their framed wedding picture that hangs on the living room wall! In fact, it was sitting neatly at the foot of the bed, with my pussy juices smeared all over her face!

… can you say BUSTED!!?

Do you think I stopped? Or did this dirty homewrecker keep on pounding Stacy’s husband in his tight little fuck hole while I explained to her what an eager little anal whore he really was, and how since she was so repressed and frigid, he had to play out his fantasies with me? CALL ME and get the rest of the story! Or, you can pull down your OWN wedding picture. Call me up, and jerk off on it like the nasty fucking man slut we BOTH know you wanna be!

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