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He Had me all bent over the arm of the couch, pummeling my soft wet pussy. My Body jerked against his every thrust. He pushed down hard on the small of my back with his thumb in between my ass cheeks. I looked back at him over my shoulder. ” Play with my ass.” Little did I know I would be going ass to mouth soon.

I Felt his thumb enter my tight hole, and his dick ramming in and out of my moist mound, his balls slapping lightly against my clit… I was sooo close to cumming.

” PLEASE, Pleaseee, PLEASE fuck my ass!” I begged.

” Ohhh, you want this dick, you want it in your ass Anna?” He said, through a clenched jaw.

” YESSSSssssss, PLEASE!”

His cock left my throbbing cunt and I felt his thickness prodding against my taint, rubbing it as he guided his HARD cock to the entrance of my backdoor. I was so eager, so anxious. I wanted to feel his penetration, I wanted to feel the “POP”. He pulled my ass back, while forcing his cock in my hot tight little hole. And then…


” Ohhhhhh fucccck, yesssss” I moaned, as he bounced me off his cock.

” Soooo Fuckin tight!” He said as he fucked me.

He FUCKED me. Not sweetly, not nicely, not gently. Straight up FUCKED me!

I Couldn’t wait to feel him shoot that warm load into my butt hole. I couldn’t wait to feel his body tense as he found his sweet release deep inside my ass. But most of all, I couldn’t wait to go ass to mouth, and clean my ass juice and his cum from his cock.

He gripped my hips, locking onto me, and pounded away at my star.. all the way out and all the way back in. His dick TENSED.

” Im gonna cum… HOLY fuccck, Im gonna CUM!”

” Cum for me baby!!. blow that load in my hot fuck hole!!!” I begged.

His release was so sweet… he grunted and growled, and then pulled out to jerk the last drop. I dropped down to my knees, getting my reward.

Sucking my ass juice off of him, draining his dick completeley.

” I love a girl who goes ass to mouth” He said with a grin.

” Almost as much as I love tasting my ass, on a hot hard cock”

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