I am not afraid of much. If I find something interesting, I dive right into to learn more about it and how it can improve my life, or sex life if that is that is the case. I am quite the naughty woman when it comes to things sexual. Our condominium association has an annual Christmas party for the residents. This year I am sharing my Dirty GILF Fun with the attendees.

Some of us have already been playing together for some time. They are joining in the fun at the party. Everyone is ready for some sexy fun after loosening up from the alcohol. My other partners in fun and I have brought in some interesting toys and have them tucked away for tonight’s fun. Edible lubes, dildos, strapons and many other naughty items.

The party will be so much fun with my Dirty GILF Fun.

Many of the neighbors are true prudes and we are letting them leave before starting the real fun. As a Sexy GILF Accomplice, I am privy to lots of naughty fun and my fun is pretty nasty. My friends and I enjoy age-play, family play, and many other naughty fetishes. Our special little group enjoys the most taboo fun possible.

As a mature phone sex operator, I am able to share the naughtiest of stories with you. Furthermore, if you enjoy one of those taboo fetishes, we can role-play them together. Allowing you to live out those nasty dreams you keep secret. Therefore, call me now are you getting to hear my family-play stories. They are considered too risky for reading.

Most are freaked out by them. Just know, they are amazing!

It is the night of the party and I am bubbling with excitement. While the prudes are present we are enjoying cheesy music, yummy food, and dull company. As they are leaving, my naughty friends and I are doing internal dances of joy. We start bringing out the toys and lubes. The families that play with us are staying as well. The younger generation that plays is ready to get nasty too!

We are laying out comforters and other comfortable items to make pallets on the floor. That way we can group off or pair off, whichever is preferred during the dirty GILF fun. I start by inviting a few people I know are curious to join a group with me. They are nervous but ready to play.

Above all, this is an epic event for all of us here!

Those of us that play together year-round are always having blast. We have a special bond. Not everyone is open to our kind of fun. The average person is judgemental and that is coming from their upbringing and programming. I respect their opinions but they are not for me. I am choosing to not fit into other’s square pegs. If that is what they are choosing for themselves, then great for them.

The newbies to our fun are watching first. I can tell they are getting turned on by their body language. My friends and I are busy exploring each other as the newbies are choosing voyeur for now. I love being watched so that is working for me. My pussy is tingling with the excitement of showing them how hot dirty GILF fun can be.

Soon, they are taking their clothes off and sitting on the pallet.

Alice and Bob, a couple living a couple of houses from me, are the first to get close enough to play. Once they are in arm’s length, I am touching their bodies. Soon, all of us are pulling them closer so they can play with us. Alice is eager to explore the fun of multiple people and is soon with a man and woman making out. Bob is immediately hard watching his wife and I decided I am going to play with him.

The rest of our newbies are finding their way to pallets to play. I am noticing some are pairing off with other couples for fewer people to play with.  I respect that, not everyone enjoys group sex. Personally, I fucking love group sex and all the possibilities coming with it. What about you? Do you crave group sex to explore? Want to discuss it further? Call me now!

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