I love a good afternoon of dirty games…specially the old classics!

Dirty games don’t get much better than truth or dare.. and I still remember the first boy whose virginity I took because of it! It was a really rainy afternoon back when I was still in high school. I’d taken up a babysitting job with the neighbors to get a little extra money to spend and they’d been paying me pretty well lately to watch after their son, Joey. He was younger than me by a few years, wasn’t even in high school yet! So I had to be good, not cuss, follow certain rules..it wasn’t any fun at all, and I knew he was getting bored when the power went out from the storm. All bored with nothing to do.. I thought we could try something new, though I was really trying to keep from starting up any dirty games.

It wasn’t a good idea to offer up Truth or Dare. he’d been bored thinking I’d suggest a board game, and had no idea what it was! So I had to tell him..telling him he could pick truth and answer whatever I asked, or pick dare and be forced to do whatever I asked. And the loser would have to pay the other one for each time they rejected the dare. And of course, I was in charge! So if I was trying to be good and keep it from turning into dirty games, I failed miserably.. The first thing I asked him when he picked truth was how far he’d gone with a girl. The naughty boy had already felt up someone in the movie theater! and he begged me not to tell his mom..so cute. When  he asked it right back, I told him I’d already gone all the way..and about the senior boy that I’d let be my first time.

He chose dare next…so of course I had to make him take the first move. I told him to feel me up just like he did to the girl in the movies…and he went for it without hesitation! He was just waiting to get his hands up my shirt! 😛 And when it was his turn to dare me, he had me do the same.. We kept this up for a little while, letting it get heated as we went along until he was touching me, I was touching him, and then I got the wicked idea to ask him to let me be his first time..to stick his little cock in me like the other guy, like his finger was in me right then. And he lost his mind..sweating, getting nervous, but I kissed him and made him relax, pulling him on top of me on the couch as I let the naughty little boy have his way.. His parents never found out..and he got the bragging rights of saying he fucked a high school girl, before any of his friends could. 😉

Come play with me.

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