“Aren’t I such a tease”, I whisper in your ear with my feet resting on your lap. “You don’t have a dirty foot fetish… do you?”

I can’t help giggling at you. I’ve been giggling with you all night. Mostly because once I put my feet on you, you started to tense up. Of course, I knew exactly what I was doing to you. I knew you had a dirty foot fetish.

The past few months we have been messing around, but I never let you get all the way. I didn’t want to give it all away so soon, besides, you were so much fun to tease. I started rubbing my feet against your lap, and you could tell what I was doing.

My favorite thing was feeling your cock against my feet, even with your jeans on it still felt so good. You started moaning, and the faster I went, the louder the moans became. They got me so hot. I love your moans so much. Then, I felt a wet spot start to form in your pants. I could see it through your jeans. One wink at you, and you started getting your hopes up. You wanted to finally feel my warm pussy wrapped around your cock so badly.

But I was going to make you work for it.

I wanted you to be begging for my pussy before I would finally let you fuck me. It would only be our first time, one time, after all. I wanted to make sure it counts.

I straighten out my leg and point my toes. Then, I start rubbing both of my feet on your face, and you start kissing the soles of my feet. My giggles fill the room, which you love. It turns out you did have a dirty foot fetish after all, but I already knew that.

That’s why we kept meeting up, actually. I loved having you on the edge, just by pointing my feet and showing off my pale pink toenails. You were easy to have under my spell because of your dirty foot fetish.

“Take off your pants. Now”, I say to you and you were impressed with how assertive I sounded. I wasn’t a natural dominant type, but I enjoyed being a little bratty and bossy with you around. Even with that, you still did what I asked. Your jeans were pulled down around your knees. My feet automatically moved right down to your now throbbing hard cock.

I started moving my feet up and down all over your cock, especially the head.

I knew the head of your cock was the most sensitive part of your whole body, and I was definitely going to use it to my advantage.

Just like I thought, you started to leak pre-cum all over my pretty little feet and it felt good. Your moans were so loud. I was worried that my neighbors would call the cops. But I wanted to see how loud you could be before the night was over. I wanted you to be completely mine.

The last few months were so fun, and I loved teasing you but all good things must come to an end, and all your pre-cum was covering my toes and leaking down to my heel. It was time I gave you exactly what you wanted.

I stood up in front of you, and I shimmied out of my mini skirt to reveal that I didn’t have any panties on.

You didn’t know I could be so naughty, but I hated wearing panties. I bent over right in front of your face so that you had a clear view of my ass.

You reached out to slap my head, but I swatted your hand away, I wasn’t your desperate fuck whore. I had something else in mind. Then, I put my pussy right down on your cock, and it felt so good.

You filled me up with every inch of your hard cock. I bent my legs so you could still see my feet while I was bouncing on you. Your dirty foot fetish was going crazy. My moans started to get as loud as yours, and I was expecting the neighbors to come knocking any minute. But it felt too good to quit, and we had the whole night ahead of us.

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