Dirty Boys play on Election Day…

Dirty election day has come and I came with a certain someone in his office *giggle. Running for office is hard, so they say. Well, let’s just say I had something else rock hard.

He had me bent over his desk doggie style so we both could watch his big screen tv. The more ahead he got in the polls the harder he got and the harder he pounded me.

His big throbbing cock got so hard on my dirty election day. My hot wet little tight cunt ached as he pounded me harder and harder. My, do I love my dirty election day fuck session. Pussy tightening around his hard cock soon my pussy was pulsating around him gushing juices all down him. My arms spread out across his desk, my ass in the air, and papers all over the floor. What a great day this dirty election day is turning out to be.

As my pussy juices run down his cock and drip onto his balls he flips me over and starts pounding me even harder. I knew he was in the lead just the way he was fucking me. Point after point he went up in the poles. Driving his cock in me harder and harder deeper and deeper he went. I scream out in pleasure as my pussy juices explode all around him again. He starts to sing out the anthem of old glory and that’s when I knew he won on this dirty election day. My pussy milked his cock as he filled me up to the brim with his hot wet sticky juices oh what a great day to be an American.

Shhhh just don’t tell his wife or the media *giggle.
Want to win this dirty election day with me?

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