Dirty dreams let us live out fantasies we might not ever do but then again.

Dirty dreams wander into my mind almost every night. It’s no wonder I’m so turned on and ready to fuck all the time. Waking up after having a dirty dream makes me want to cuddle up with a pillow between my legs and go back to dreamland. Why do you ask? Because having dirty dreams lets us live out fantasies we might not get to do and let us act out on them.

The last dirty dream left my panties soaking wet.  Wandering through a maze feeling like Alice In Wonderland, I was searching for the perfect cock to fuck and suck. Finding myself coming upon a house with the door open and heard moans coming from within. Curious, I opened the door and looked around. A TV in the front room was playing porn. A blond woman who looked like me was getting gangbanged by a group of frat boys.

Unable to take my eyes away from the TV, I watched and started to rub myself. Soon, hands slipped from behind me and up to my breasts. Then hands slipping between my legs, as another set grasped my neck. Hearing myself moan, not wanting those hands to stop. Fingers pinching my nipples and fingers sliding inside my panties had my hips thrusting and wanting more.

Paradise Of Cocks

Before I knew it, I was laying on a bed the porn still playing in the background. Looking around, the whole room was filled with naked men stroking their cocks. Waiting for a turn with Roxy. One cock in my mouth, others rubbing against my tits and being double penetrated made me cum over and over again. Waking myself up on the last orgasm, sweating and squirting everywhere. Sitting up smiling and then laying back down waiting for another dirty dream.

Taboo Phone Sex!