I had this filthy, dirty dream last night. It was really good right up until I woke up. Figures! My brain, just like my body, is a fucking tease. But I really want to share what little I have with you, especially since hours later, it’s still really vivid.
So I’m on this sofa in a really upscale hotel room with the married boss I used to have when I danced. Where having normal conversation, just sitting there chit chatting. He gives me a wonderful compliment and I reach over and hug him. As I slowly pull away, we gaze into each other’s eyes and yes, I want to fuck him. We start pulling away from each other, saying how wrong this is. He then says, “Fuck it!” and pulls me into an intense, passionate kiss. We began pulling at each other’s clothes. Half naked and pawing at each other’s bodies, he pushed me back on the couch and straddled me. He leaned over me and whispered a question into my ear, asking me if I had any limits. Of course I told him no. “Good,” is all he says when he begins to nibble on my ear and collar bone. He moves down my body and when he reaches between my thighs, he rips my panties and buries his face into my pussy, leaving me claw at his hair as the excitement builds inside of me.  Right before I can cum he pulls away and crawls to my mouth where he shoves his cock into in so he can get it all wet. Then he climbs back down between my legs and spreads open my pussy lips where he begins to push his rock hard throbbing cock inside of me. He thrusts repeatedly into me, stretching and filling me. My pleasure rises and I claw at his back and pulls his hair as he kisses me. As I’m about to fall over the edge and cum all over his dick, my meant cunt of a body decides to wake up.
I was so desperate to go back to sleep and fall into that dream, even thinking about it as I laid in bed with my eyes closed. Sadly that didn’t work and I all I have been able to think about all day is that dream. It’s as if i can still feel his slips against mine even though it was only a fantasy. Why, oh why?! It was so good, but it was left so unfulfilled.