New Dirty Doggie who wants to get blackmailed

Chase is the right choice for me. I was not sure what to expect the first night I phoned her I wanted to get blackmailed by her. Her reply was unexpected, she began to laugh with a giggle and asked what was in it for her. I promised that I would do my best to keep her happy with weekly cash tributes and offered her amusement by humiliating me as she wished. She accepted and I immediately emailed her a few pictures of myself sucking cock. Very clear pictures including one showing me deep throating a big black cock. I also gave her my wife’s email address and a link to her facebook profile.

Chase has been very kind and reasonable with her financial demands and I am very grateful to her, she has shown patience with one late tribute. I got away with a warning, but for those few moments, her voice was all business. I won’t let that happen again. She reminded me that this could lead to my financial ruin. I apologized and thanked her. She made her point known and believe me it is an amazing feeling when she returns to using her sweet voice.

Any attention from Chase is a great thing, even when she is offering discipline I feel good.

Once my first tribute cleared She emailed me letting me know that she will continue to use me, I was so happy to hear this, I could hardly wait to phone her a second time. She was bubbly and cheerful at times, serious and all business at times. During this phone call I realized that when she is laughing and giggling, she is not laughing with me. No, in fact, Chase is laughing at me. Chase’s blackmail is not designed to make friends, I realized this during this phone call that I better do what she wants.

I can hear in her voice that she would absolutely love bringing me to financial ruin and there would not be anything I could do about it. She enjoys her power trip almost as much as taking her cash. She took more information about me, it is time to fully submit to her blackmail. The next time I get to speak with her, I will beg for mercy, beg her to accept a tribute and obey her without hesitation or questions.

Now I work for her. I have cut our household expenses in order to please her and keep her happy. I will hope to continue to be used by her for a long, long time.

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