I have been going to the same doctor for years for my physicals and I always wondered what would it take to make this man falter. He always complimented my body when he would see me.“Oh Alyson you look great today. How do you keep such a tight little body?” I would just flash him a smile and think, If you think my body is tight…wait until you feel my little pussy grab onto your cock! He started doing something that he never did before when I laid back to have him put my feet in the stirrups, His hands lingered on my smooth, soft legs, I felt his hand glide up to the back of my knee. He had never done that before.
My nipples hardened to little raspberries, I felt my pussy tingle and it started to throb. All from his touch. He noticed the goosebumps covering my body when he sat on the medical stool and scooted between my legs. He looked between my legs and asked if I was cold. I shook my head no and continued to watch him. “Well well Miss Aly, your look great as always down here to, are you having any issues at all?” I told him no issues, I don’t have time to meet guys and fool around. He hooked his arms around my legs and leaned forward right there between my legs and said “I find that very hard to believe Aly, you can tell me the truth.” I start to squirm, the sensation of his grip on my legs and hips, his hot breathe on my pussy. I was dying. I looked him straight in the eye trembling. “No Sir, I haven’t been with anyone in ages” That’s when he blew a tight stream of hot air down my slit, my hips bucked upwards towards his mouth as soon as I knew it he lacked onto my clit and started assaulting it with his tongue. Back and forth over my swollen jewel.
I bit the inside of my arm to keep from crying out. He moved down to my sweet honey well and started fucking me with his stiff tongue.
I was so turned on I grabbed him by the back of the head and rode his face. My sweet juices were all over him. In a quick motion he stood up and unzipped his pants and thrust to the hilt of my cunt. My back arched as much as it could without notice. He took both my legs and put them on his shoulders, all the while sucking on my toes and pounding me into the table. I grabbed onto the edge of the padding and rocked my whole body into him. He threw my legs over making my whole body roll onto my stomach, his cock still buried deeply.
I was biting the pillow so hard it was soaked. My whole body shook. I was about to explode…I felt several hot squirts of my own cum drip down my legs. With a final thrust he came hard and filled my pussy with the biggest load. I could feel it mingling with my honey and drip out of my swollen cunt.
He pulled out of me and pushed me back down. I half laid and half stood waiting for something to happen. His warm hands pulled my pussy open his tongue reached inside of me, bathing my pussy. He licked every inch of it. Savoring our cum. With a gentle rub on my ass he told me I had a clean bill of health and to come back for a routine check up in 6 months…
6 months can’t cum soon enough…

Be The Doctor, Call Aly


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