Dirty Doctor Games

Dirty Doctor games with my perverted Doctor. I have a doctor who always was very touchy feely. He has made me feel pretty uncomfortable until I figured out how to handle him.

I come in for my annual physical and he looks so excited. “Oh god,” I think to myself, “Here we go again.” He has me stand in front of him so he can look me over. He asks me to strip. “Doctor, is it really necessary? Do I need to take off EVERYTHING?”

“Yes, Sara. Everything. I need to see your entire body.” I slowly undress for him. I make it a sexy show. First my tank top, then my jeans. “My bra too, Doctor?” He is salivating. “Yes, Sara. And your panties too.” I slowly removed my panties and let them fall to the ground. “How do I look, Doctor?”

“You look very healthy Sara. I think your breasts have gotten a little bigger. Why don’t you get up on the table so I can examine them?”

Oh man, here comes the touching. As he examines my breasts very thoroughly, I take my leg and brush up against his crotch. He is getting hard. “Oh excuse me, Doctor. ”  He coughs and turns a bit red. He tells me to lie down on the examining table. “Now spread out your legs, Sara.” “Like this, Doctor?”

“Oh yes, Sara. That’s good.” He says. He peers at my pussy. He starts to caress it.

My head is facing his crotch. He is rock hard.  I touch his pants. “Doctor, is this normal for you to be so erect during an exam?”

“Sara, you know you are my favorite patient. We must not tell anyone about our special games. Now open your mouth and take my cock.” “Yes, Doctor.” I give him a blowjob he will never forget.


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