I have an extremely weak spot for poor married suckers. There is something about knowing that a man is committed to another woman and being able to make him break that commitment that gets me so incredibly wet and turned on. Especially those married men with those wives that are never happy, you know the real uptight bitches with the stick shoved so far up their ass, I cant stand women like this. These women don’t take care of their men like they should. These dumb bitches should know if they fucked their husbands more than their husbands wouldn’t come crawling to me like lost little puppies. I seek these couples out, I invade their home with my slender body, perky tits and nice round tight ass and at the perfect moment, once I have gained a little trust I take total control of the husbands cock. Poor bastard’s never even saw it coming and yet they are always begging me for more. Let’s go back to very first time I became the nasty nanny.

I was 16 years old and daddy was threatening to cut me off financially. “Aubree it is time to gain some god maturity go get a job!” My mom overheard our bickering and said ” Aubree honey Lynette and George Gillman need a nanny for their kids why don’t you go talk to them. My ears perked up as soon as the words came out of her mouth. George Gillman was incredibly attractive and I had been trying to get his cock inside of me for years with no luck because his incredibly insane wife was always right there up his ass and bitching. I knew I Would be able to get him inside of me, it may take a few times of pretending to like babysitting but it would be well worth it. I got into my tightest, shortest most revealing dress and walked over to the Gillman’s home.

I knocked and of course the bitch answered I put my fakest smile and sweetest voice on ” Oh, Hi Mrs. Gillman, my mom had mentioned you were in need of a nanny I Would just love the opportunity. She instantly fell for the bait. ” Oh Aubree you couldn’t have come at a better time I actually need a sitter tonight I won’t be here but George will and it wont be  long night is there any chance you could start tonight?” Bingo poor Lynette had not even the slightest clue she was practically handing me her husband on a silver platter. ” I Would be honored to care for your boys.” I went home and got completely sluttified with my hair done perfect, make up in tact and my sexiest black see through panties with matching black bra. I slipped back into my dress and pulled my tits right out of the top. Tonight I was going to fuck George. One way or another this was happening.

I got to the house and was pleasantly surprised when he told me the boys were already asleep. George looked me up and down and his tongue started to hang right outside of his lips. I Smiled and said ” Do you like what you see Mr. Gillman?” George said ” Yes Aubree you look so beautiful. I had to have more of him. I grabbed his hand slowly started to place it on my chest asking him if he felt how fast my heart was beating he looked nervous but, I didn’t give a fuck I moved his hand lower and lower until his fingers were sliding up and down my nipple, making my tits become hard and perky longing for more.  ” Aubree what on earth are you doing? I am married, my kids are upstairs!” I placed my hand over his mouth “SHHHH, you have already touched my nipple and I see how hard your cock pulsated through those pants. One phone call and I can ruin your entire life, I just want to please you in every way possible this is happening and you will enjoy every last second of it. George grabbed me by the back of my neck and threw me down onto the floor, ripping my dress off of me and pinning my arms to the ground. I slid his pants off of his hips and grabbed a hold of his already rock solid hard cock. Squishing my perfectly round tits together I let him slide his cock right between and he began fucking my tits with his dick. ” That’s right baby fuck my titties like you have never fucked anything before!” George slid his fingers around my back and walked them right up my asshole teasing me all around the rim I begged him for more. You like asshole miss Aubree do ya? George sat his asshole right down on top of my lips and told me to stick my tongue up inside of him as far as I Could go. I worked my tongue up and down treating his asshole like a tasty lollipop and getting it nice and wet while he continued to slide his fingers in and out of me. I rolled over and arched my back sticking my asshole straight up in the air ready for him to slide his cock deep up inside of it. I wrapped my fingers all around his cock and slowly slid it deeper and deeper into my tight hole. I could feel his dick ripping my insides. “FUCK ME HARDER” George grabbed hold of my hips and began thrusting back and forth as hard and as fast as he could go I was screaming and begging him to give me all he got He pounded me so hard I felt like I was going to release my self all over his cock. After about 20 minutes of being nailed George finally busted his load. I could feel his cum oozing out of me. Being the kinky little slut nanny that I Am I bent over in a somersault position and stuck my tongue out licking his cum all around the rim of my ass and what had dripped down to my pussy. George watched in awe as I ate myself out. I cleaned up every last drop that I Could reach and giggled “mmm betcha you have never seen anyone eat out their own pussy out before have ya?” George shook his head still in utter disbelief. I was still completely naked when all of the sudden the keys started to jiggle in the door. In walks Lynette she instantly begins crying her eyes out ” How could you do this to me George?!” I looked at her square in the eyes and said ” Maybe if you fucked your man like I just let him fuck my asshole, he wouldn’t have to come running to me” Lynette looked up at me and said ” You really are the nastiest fucking nanny I have ever heard of” I placed my hands on her chest and slowly slid my fingers down her tits tugging on her nipple. Who would have known it wasn’t just George that would be fucking me that night, lets just say Lynette is even more dirty and raunchy than George. This was only the very beginning of many for Aubree the naughty nanny. Lets make our own personalized naughty nanny experience for you!