Our family is a lot of fun. We are a close-knit group that loves doing things together. Of course, we are into incest, so that means sex too. Every year since I was pretty young, my father and I have our annual Dirty Daddy-Daughter Incest weekend. It is unique because we go away to a beautiful town, with a fancy hotel and live it up for the whole weekend, just the two of us.

Some might find it silly since we are an incest family and tend to fuck each other year-round. However, this tradition is about our bonding time. As a young girl developing, I had some things going on, and to help me feel better, Daddy took me on a special trip. It was amazing, and because it makes me so happy, we do it every year now. Each year it is a new destination and new experiences for us.

The dirty daddy-daughter incest trip is incredible for both of us!

The whole family is excited about our trip each year. Of course, they love the stories we come home with most, but they also love hearing about the towns and hotels we are staying in. Honestly, I think it is because my brothers get my mom all to themselves. They both love fucking her. It is their weekend oasis of naughty fun with Dad, and I are on our trips.

My family is the reason I am so good at Oral Sex Expert Phone Sex. First, Mom and Dad are teaching me the art of oral pleasuring. After the boys are older, I can practice and improve on them. From there, I am sharing my skills with the world. All the men and women I meet fall in love with my mouth, lips, and tongue.

It is fun showing a new playmate my amazing skills.

The fact that I am drop-dead gorgeous is also a benefit with new fuck buddies and playmates. Additionally, my Big Tits Bouncing is always bringing me, new people, to play with. My giant titties are known to stop traffic. They are perfect in every way, and anyone that sees them wants to touch them. Who am I to deny those sweet people this awesome pleasure?!

As I am getting developing, Daddy is getting more and more obsessed with these titties. As a young girl with boobs bigger than everyone else, it isn’t easy in the classroom. Daddy knew it was hard, and that is just one of the many reasons he created our Dirty Daddy-Daughter Incest trips. To let me know how special and beautiful I am.

With his help, I am one of the MOST confident women around.

I can’t help but know how amazing I am when he is looking at me with all that love and desire. Oh, it is intoxicating when he is staring at me with those eyes, seducing and wooing me to be his. Of course, I go weak in the knees just thinking about it—my tight young pussy dripping with excitement for his touch and big hard cock.

Yes, my daddy has an enormous big dick. He is happy to share it with many, but I am his favorite girl. He tells me no one sucks his cock like his pretty princess. And, I am always striving to improve my skills, especially for my big daddy. The way he is smiling at me as I am looking up from his crotch—that dick in my mouth and my hand on his balls.

Our eyes locked in on each other as I am giving him pleasure like no other woman.

He is always choosing towns that are small and romantic. Daddy loves making the whole weekend special. The hotels are beautiful with tons of amenities, so we are pampering ourselves the entire time. Couple’s massages, spas, and other treatments are making it so enjoyable. Big swimming pools, fancy restaurants, and suites instead of rooms. Pure heaven from start to finish.

When we go home, everyone is on the edge of their seats, listening to all that we do on the trips. So, tell me, would you enjoy a dirty daddy-daughter incest trip with me? If so, we can have our own particular time together. Call me, and we can play!

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