We All Know A Dirty Cheating Wife!

Do you have that secretive or unashamed dirty cheating wife who you know is off limits but you can’t help but want a piece of the action yourself?  She could be anyone you know who lives on your block or at your work.  This blog is not to shame or judge the cheating wife, after all, I’ve been there.  There may be a thousand reasons why one steps into the arms of another.  I used to often have fantasies of all of my lovers cheating on me.  For some unknown reason just hearing about what they could be doing when I’m not around was enough to make me masturbate my pussy and cum so hard.

As I was saying earlier, the cheater can be pretty, older, the seemingly meek woman who looks too withdrawn to say anything.  Some guys tell me the quiet ones are the ones you want to watch out for.  Today I wanted to tell you about my friend Jackie. She was the quiet type you would never have expected to have a boyfriend let alone cheat.  Jackie didn’t have big firm tits. I’m surprised she never told me sooner to be honest.  The way I found out was surprising.  I saw Jackie kissing a guy at the library where she worked.  That’s right she spent much of her time at the library volunteering her time.

We can’t believe Jackie found someone!

Jackie introduced him as Reggie her new boyfriend.  He seemed very nice and quiet and as laid back as Jackie.  I was so happy for Jackie.  Many of us thought she was destined to be lonely, but she ended up marrying the guy.

Then, later on, I was out with my hubby and he poked me in the elbow while I had food in my mouth.  Well, I nearly choked on my food.  I fought to contain my utter amazement at what I saw just a few yards beyond our dinner table.  I saw Jackie sitting at a table with someone who was not Reggie.  Jackie looked completely different as well.  In addition to that, she was dressed differently.  Jackie wore a sexy long black dress with spaghetti straps and black heels, She had her hair all tied neatly in a bun.  Her face was all made up.  To say she looked stunning was an understatement.  I never saw this side of Jackie.  Just thinking about the change made me stare.

Well, soon the town found out about this dirty cheating wife.

It was only a matter of time before everyone found out about the dirty cheating wife.  I finally had to sit down with her and find out what the town was gossiping about.  Apparently, another person had seen her and this mystery guy out and about.  Little did they know just how much she was doing behind her husband’s back.  You see, Reggie often traveled and was away a lot.  Soon Reggie spent much time away from home traveling for work.  I know this had to bother poor Jackie.  She was almost back to being alone.

Jackie confessed to me one day she met Aaron at a restaurant when she went with some friends.  Aaron was charming, handsome, and well-dressed.  As an example, he did many things that Reggie didn’t do for her.  He made Jackie feel tingly all over.

She didn’t know what made her snap one night.  Jackie invited Aaron to her place.  He worshiped her body from her head all the way down to her cute toes.  He seemed like a hungry man who was starving for food.  Jackie was Aaron’s four-course meal, so delicious to the end.  After he licked her to a frenzy, he took her in a way that made her instantly surrender her body to him.  Jackie knew then and there that her body belonged to this man.  She wanted to stay married to Reggie, but Aaron gave her that spark that she had never felt before.

There was so much more to Jackie!

Smiling coyly, Jackie told me about the night he introduced her to the back door.  It took a bit.  Aaron was much bigger than Reggie.  I swear, so big his cock must have stood out close to nine and a half hard inches.

Do you know a cheating wife?  Let’s have some hot fun while we talk about her.


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