Daddy when you cum
You always put it in the right place
I want every drop in my tight teen cunt
Don’t waste your load in my ass or on face
Fill my cunt with every drop With your creamy baby making
Load of your cum
I love when my cunt is filled with it
And the way it oozes out of my cunt and down my thighs
Daddy, your jizz is the deposit
My wet cunt is the bankIf I do all my chores I will be properly rewarded
With daddy’s cock and big, thick load
Fill my cunt with your cum daddy
Reward me for being such a good girl
Shoot it deep so your seed can reach my womb
We can’t wait for that to happen
I just can’t wait to have my daddy’s baby
My cunt is full of daddy’s seed
Now we are satisfied
As I lay in daddy’s arms breathing heavily
Daddy leaving his cock in cum filled cunt
Making sure not one drop escapes

Cum fill me with your direct deposit daddy!