Dinner Time. Cum And Eat These Yummy Feet!

It’s dinner time, cum and eat these yummy feet! You’re gonna eat more than just what I’ve cooked for you! The scene is set and we’re eager to get going. We love to role play, even in our personal life, playing out different roles and scenes, seems to do the trick for us. What we love most is our spontaneity and how we can come up with new and sexy roles on the fly. This particular occasion was definitely no exception and in the spur of the moment, we playfully begin to satisfy our sexual cravings of the evening.

I am making dinner, wearing nothing but my apron and high heels. You know the heels I am talking about….Those 6 inches, strappy heels, with the peep toe that you like so much! Hmmm, I just love the way you hold my feet in your hands and run the tongue on the sides of them, sticking your tongue in that peephole and sucking on my heel, as if it were a cock that you were deep throating.

As I am standing in front of the counter preparing dinner, you stare lustfully at my ass, looking at the string of my apron digging deeper and deeper into the crack of my ass.

I turn to you and giggle knowing exactly what you’re starring at. Damn, I love to tease you….I think you’re slowing catching on to that fact. Out of nowhere I “accidentally” dropped a carrot on the floor. It was oh so convenient of me to bend over at the waist to pick it up and I know you loved the view!   Your cock hardened as you caught a glimpse of my pink little pussy and your lust for me grew even more.

Unable to control yourself any more, you walked up behind me, wrapped those sexy arms around my waist and began to kiss and lick my neck. That alone sent my pussy and hormones into overdrive, as my juices began to flow freely. Without skipping a beat, you untied my apron and as it hit the floor, you plunged your fingers deep inside of me. OH MY GOD….hmmmm I love the way your fingers feel, deep inside of me.

Next thing I knew, you quickly turned me around, picked me up by my ass and placed onto the counter.

Finally, you have me where you want me and you grab my long sexy leg. You then kissed and licked it, beginning at my pussy, working all the way down to my sexy foot. It was then that you ripped off my high heel and began to make out with my foot as if it was your long lost lover. I loved every kiss, every lick and the sensation threw me right over the edge.

Just then, you stopped, grabbed both of my legs, threw them over your shoulders and fucked me like it was going to be our last day fucking!! In one swoop, after you put my legs over my shoulders, you took that hard cock of yours and……….Hmmmm I can’t wait for YOU to tell me what happened next! I will more than satisfy your foot fetish, with these yummy feet pics, heels and more. Cum join me for fetish filled phone sex.

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