The Coronavirus has made it difficult for me to leave my home.  How am I supposed to get food, toilet paper, or DICK, for that matter?  I guess I will have to without some things.  Getting food and toilet paper will be the easiest to obtain.  I will just set up a weekly delivery and have them sent to my home.  The company that I selected for my food deliveries does not use mail service for deliveries; they have their own drivers that conduct personal deliveries for each order.  If I play my cards right, I can get all my needs met.  I hope that I can get a DILF delivery driver.  If I can’t, I will be stuck with a vibrator and phone sex to get my rocks off until the pandemic is over.

Order Up  — Week 1

The first week I tried the food delivery service, I did not order very many items.  I wanted to make sure that I liked the products and the delivery.  When Tuesday arrived, I was so excited that I could not contain myself.  I made sure that I did not have any meetings during the delivery window.  Finally, there was a knock at the door.  “Delivery,” said the voice on the other side of the door.  I open the door, and it is a woman carrying all the items that I ordered.

“Thank you very much,” I said as I took the items from her arms.  “Would you like to come in for a moment?  Can I offer you a bottle of water or something for your time?”  As I waited for her reaction, I was trying to figure out if the MILF fun I would have would be better than the DILF experience I really wanted.

“Sorry, ma’am.  We can not enter homes because of new rules since the pandemic.  You have a great day!” Just like that, the way I thought I was going to get sex, I turned and walked away.  I know she was not the DILF delivery driver I was expecting, but I would have made it work.

Order up – Week 3

I was so defeated from the first failed attempt that I skipped a week with the delivery.  Just like before, Tuesday arrived, and I was so excited.  This time I ordered more items so that the person making the delivery would be forced to bring the items inside.  I would use the “damsel in distress” approach.

Just like the first time, there was a knock at the door.  “Delivery,” said the voice on the other side of the door.  My heart nearly stopped as I open the door.  In front of me stood an extremely tall man with honey skin carrying all the items I ordered.  Oh, my, he was so fucking handsome.  He had a salt and peppered beard and the most beautiful smile.

“Thank you very much,” I said.  “Let me show you where to put the items; they are too heavy for me to carry.” Now  I had to seize the moment I had been given.  I was determined to get my groceries and my DICK today.  “Can I offer you a bottle of water or something for your time?” As he turned to look at me, I opened my robe to show him that I had shaved his company’s logo on my pussy.  He was so taken back that he began to stutter.

Order Up – Dick Delivered

He did not have time to say anything or react to my artwork. I got down on my knees in front of him and started to beg for his big black dick.  As I was begging, I was removing his belt and slowly sliding his zipper towards the floor.  Still unable to react to my artwork or my proposal, the DILF delivery driver had a hard ass dick, so I could tell he was REALLY liking what was happening!

I grabbed his dick (at least 10 inches) and began to stroke one hand, and palmed his balls with the other hand.  His dick was so hard.  The more I stroked, the harder it got!  I opened my mouth and put the head in to slurp the precum that was oozing from its opening.  I put his shaft deeper and deeper down my throat.  The DILF delivery driver still has not said a word, but his hands we on the sides of my face, and he was fucking my mouth.   I have not felt this good in months! The harder he grabbed my head, the harder I sucked.  The harder I sucked, the faster he thrust his dick down my throat.

Happy and Sad Ending  – – –

Then he exploded.  Some of his HOT jizz went down my throat, but I held most of it in my mouth.  I stood up and kissed him so we could share his cum – a snowball.  He looked into my eyes, slapped me on the ass, and said, “I really should be going!  There are other deliveries I have to make!”  This DILF delivery driver could bend me over my kitchen counter and pound my pussy, but my time was up! I wanted so much more. “Will, I ever see you again?” I said.  “I sure hope so,“ he said as he was adjusting his dick and fixing his pants.  “A trip like this is good on any day!”