A Different Kind of Cuckold with Mr.K

I am ready to cuckold with Saige. These word the first words Mr. K muttered to me as he sat in the corner of our seedy motel room. Come here he beckoned I complied and crawled to him. Give me your foot he says. I listened he powdered my foot then lick and sniffed it away. He took a deep breath and Saige. Knock Knock! There was a sound at the door. Mr. K smiled and said your BBC has arrived. I stared at him confused. What’s a BBC? He laughed and said a BIG BLACK COCK. He is going to fuck you tonight, open the door Saige.

I walked to the door turned the knob to find a very handsome tall black man on the other side. I smiled at him shyly coyly he walked passed me and came into the room. Him and Mr.K began talking. I sat on the bed anticipating the events to cum. Mr. K said stand up let him see how sexy you are in your stockings ans stilettos. Look at my hot little bitch Mr. K smiled again and looked at the black man who’s name I didn’t know and said on your knees Saige suck his cock. Mr. K went back to his chair in the corner as my stranger began to remove his pants and boxers.

When his cock finally came out of his boxer cage I was looking at an 11 and a half inch brown anaconda.

My eyes widened with surprise as my stranger smiled. Suck Saige Mr. K said and at his command I began to devour my BBC minutes passed and Mr. K says Saige put that sexy foot of yours on my lap as I powder it again and spread those legs. He’s ready for your pussy. I spread my legs and allowed the BBC to stretch me as Mr. K watched and worshiped my feet.

Thank you Mr. K for the experience

I can’t wait to do it again.

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