Have a seat because the dick-sucking lessons are in session!

I had a fun little session of dick-sucking lessons with a nerd from my school. So,  I was grooming him slowly to be my slave. I even gathered a bunch of my friends, and they began participating. We slowly graduated from dressing him up in our pretty little PJs to making him do whatever we wanted like a good little slave. When he crossed me, he was punished and reminded of his place with a big strapon or several. I could pass him around to my girlfriends and pimp him out however I pleased.

He possessed not an ounce of autonomy, and I reminded him of it consistently. He did not have to be in trouble for a little reminder. I just had to feel in the mood to take him and use him. He was slowly but surely starting to notice that. It was time for him to graduate in his slave training. From my strapon to the real deal. He needed some dick-sucking lessons with a warm hard man cock. I had just the boyfriend. He was bi and nearly twice my age.  And his cock was huge.

Like a Redbull can.

Then, I invited my little nerd friend over, and he already looked nervous. I addressed it. I asked him why he looked nervous, and he just stuttered. He told me that he feared me. Rightly so. I felt amused by his fear. His suffering was quite fulfilling to my sadism. I love the feel of someone quivering in my presence. I loved giving him dick-sucking lessons. So, I walked over to him and placed my hand on his heart. I turned my head to the side threateningly and smirked. Then, I gave him a little pouty face and pinched his nose, crinkling mine at him.

I told him that I had someone  I wanted him to get to know. I knew that he hated my boyfriend already. He would always get a little bitchy when I blew him off to hang out with my boyfriend. A little dick-sucking lesson should clear that up. My boyfriend peeked his head out from around the corner. He waved tauntingly but also kindly. I pulled my little nerd down to his knees. He resisted for a moment, but he knew that it was not a battle that he wanted to pick when I started exerting a real force.

I told him that my boyfriend was homoflexible, and I asked him if he knew what that meant.

He shook his head and looked down, knowing that nothing that I had in store for him would go down easily. I got down on my knees right next to him and yanked my boyfriend in front of us by the front of his pants. He was hard. I told my little nerd that it meant that he likes getting his dick sucked and that he would like it when my little nerd did it. My nerd’s face reddened. He looked in shock but knew better than to protest. He honestly looked like he was going to cry.

Then, he tensed up as I placed my hand on the back of his head and pulled my boyfriend’s pants down. I took my boyfriend’s cock and rubbed it all over the nerd’s face. Then, I laced my hands in his hair and tugged his head back by his hair. I told him to look my boyfriend in the eyes. He stared up at him, eyes filled with humiliation and vulnerability. Then I lined my boyfriend’s cock up with his mouth and pressed his head down. He opened his lips and braced himself. I told him to close his lips around the head, and he did as he was told.

I told him to lick the head, and I pressed his head down.

He swallowed that cock like a good little bitch. I pressed his head up and down. My boyfriend made a face like he was about to cum. I lifted him a bit so that he could catch my boyfriend’s load right on his tongue. I made him show it to my boyfriend and then swallow it up!

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