That’s not a dick, that’s a clitty.

Use the right vocabulary! Dick, Cock, Fuckstick; these are all terms that denote a body part that gives someone else pleasure. And as I’m sure you’ve found over your lifetime from all the girls laughing hysterically when you drop trou. What you have, isn’t big enough to give anyone pleasure except for you! Why waste time, talking shit, telling me that you can do this for me or that for me when as soon as I actually take a look at the little clitty you’ve got tucked in your shorts, I’m going to first, laugh my ass off at you and then get pissed because you wasted so much of my time!

And I have quite a temper. You’ll be lucky if I just punch you in the face. What is more likely is that I will pull out my cell and start snapping pics and posting photos of that tired little worm all over the internet. What did you expect to happen? That’s like promising someone a big juicy porterhouse steak with all the fixins and then dishing up a miniature slim jim! I have a hunger that your useless, worthless tictac isn’t going to assuage! With that bitsy baby clitty you should have a warning tattooed across your forehead about small parts! I can’t stand a “hung like a fieldmouse” loser lonely boy trying to pretend he has something tucked away that could do anything for me at all!

Now if you are one of these card holding clitty carriers, you should let me know! And if you are feeling really brave, call me and one of my sexy size queen friends. We can giggle and laugh at your shriveled button penis.

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