A dick sleeve makes your “little problem” go away!

A dick sleeve seems to have fixed all my subbie’s problems. See, he has a very small dick.. poor little guy just can’t get away from it no matter what he does. It’s always down there, peeping out, making him pay attention to it whenever he gets hard. The best part is that he can’t even enjoy it properly, he notices it and realizes how excited and turned on he is, and it immediately gets hit with guilt and humiliation at how tiny it is if he were to actually try anything. I love messing with him about it, because he gets so defensive and it never works out in his favor. However, the poor little guy did need an ego boost a few times, and he wanted to be able to play! I had no idea what to do about it until a friend started talking about penis extenders, and then brought up something about a dick sleeve.

I had no idea what it was until I started googling it. It was the perfect fix. I ordered one and we started playing with it just last night.. The poor little guy’s dick fit inside all perfect and snug, and it was strapped on tight. It was just enough to make him worth fucking, so he finally got laid in what had been almost a year! and even though I was super sweet to him and let him fuck me with it, he still couldn’t escape the reminder that his little dick was riding passenger on our adventure. He was fucking me and having fun, getting rock hard and cumming inside the sleeve, but at the end of the night, he knew his tiny friend was never going to amount to much on his own. The thought itself made him hard, humiliated, and tormented all at once. I think I have to make him wear it more often!

Come play with me.

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