Dick Humiliation and the small dick man on campus

Simple pleasures – Small dick humiliation. Through high school and college, I always lusted over football players and thought they were the greatest species in the world. How wrong I was!! As the years passed and I became an experienced woman – my needs changed. I finally learned the truth about jocks and so-called “real men.” I wanted the complete package and I would never settle for anything less.

One Friday night, while I was in college, my friends and I were hanging out at a party. Most men know the rule — you never approach a group of women when you are flying solo. Silly man!! This classic jock approached us and was acting like a typical tool. Flexing his muscles and bragging about football passing stats. Eric was your classic alpha male or so he thought. I had to interrupt, “We get it already! You have a big cock. <serious eyeroll> ” Ashley laughed “I bet all show and no grow.” I wanted to know his game. “Why don’t you stop talking and show us a good time.” His jaw dropped, he couldn’t move fast enough. I don’t know what he was thinking when he followed five girls back to their sorority house. We waited in anticipation, as he unzipped his pants and started fishing around for his cock.

That’s when it happened. He pulled “IT” out. “What the hell is that?” I blurted out, pointing toward his teeny tiny package. I don’t know who was more shocked.

Dick Humiliation at The Kinky Kingdom

We couldn’t stop laughing at the shocking sight. Dick Humiliation at it’s finest. His cheeks turned bright red with embarrassment. He didn’t expect that type of reaction. How could this be happening to me, he thought. He was a jock, an alpha male, all the guys wanted to be him and all the girls wanted him. Little did he realize, his package was nothing but a trinket. The temptation was too great and I couldn’t hold back. “Is that what you call a cock?” I couldn’t resist grabbing the little and twisting his shrimp dick.

We continued to laugh. “Did he pulled it out yet, I can’t see anything?” One of the girls said laughing from the bed. Whining like a bitch “Well at least it has girth right?” he questioned me.  I couldn’t resist taking the paddle to his ass.  I think he actually enjoyed it, as a cocky smile appeared across his smug face. “Girth? I repeated “That’s just the head of your cock. You’re not a shower or a grower.” We continued laughing, as we pointed at his little man. Mocking him, as he tried to justify his lack of dick.

Our laughter could be heard down the hall.

I grabbed his pants by the waist and yanked them to the ground. The girls began to take pictures with their phones and posted them to social media. Suddenly, the door to the room opened and more girls flooded to room. Eric was so humiliated. He hung him down in shame.  He was one poor excuse of a man. We couldn’t resist taunting and teasing him, as we all took turns paddling his ass. “Eeeew I think it’s hard,” one of the girls pointed out. He whimpered and groaned, as everyone continued to laugh at his pathetic size. Then like the true little waste of space, his limp dick dribbled all over the floor. I scooped up his mess and shoved it in his mouth.

Would you like to be my naughty humiliated little dick?

All little cocks welcome, daddy, big brother, sister’s boyfriend, or Mommy teases her little boy’s cock – the fantasies are endless!!  Image the endless times I can tease, deny, and humiliate you. Come jerk your little cock off for me, guided or mutual masturbation phone sex as we explore your dick humiliation fantasy.  Let’s create our own fantasy role play or talk about real-life dick humiliation experiences. Endless opportunities of pleasure are yours for the taking. Are you ready to explore your hidden fetish phone sex? What’s your wild fantasy — I love wild and naughty role-playing. As well as naughty talk that will trigger our inner pleasures to explode. Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.


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