Tonight I’m going to test my boyfriend’s dick control

Dick control is defined as a man’s ability to control his orgasm under any conditions. To test my boyfriend’s dick control I’ve decided to put on a show and see how long he could control his dick. 

As he was watching The Walking Dead, I walked into the room wearing nothing but a smile. I sat down in the big leather recliner on the opposite side of the room. Spreading my legs, I draped one leg over the side of the chair and leaned back as I ran my hands over my hard pink nipples. I didn’t take long for him to take his eyes off of the zombies shambling across the screen and fix his eyes on me.

With my boyfriend watching intently, I ran my hand down my belly and in between my legs. Slowly I began running my finger up and down my slit. I didn’t take long for the juices to start flowing from my pussy. Using two fingers, I slowly pulled my pussy lips apart. Giving my boyfriend a full view of the sweet, creamy, pink center.

With my other hand, I slid two fingers into my wet pussy and began pumping them in and out.

Watching me finger myself was enough to get my boyfriend off of the sofa and his cock out. He strode across the room stroking his hard cock, confident that he was going to be dipping it into my wetness soon. As he sidled up to slide inside of me I pushed him back with my foot,

Realizing that he was going to be forced to watch. He dropped to his knees for an up-close and personal look at my wet fingers sliding into my pussy. With his cock in hand, my boyfriend watched as I slid my fingers out of my pussy and up towards my throbbing clit. I could hear my boyfriend stroking his wet cock furiously as I rubbed my clit. Just before I was ready to cum I told my boyfriend to open his mouth and put it up to my pussy.

As soon as he opened his mouth I squirted my orgasm into his mouth. My boyfriend slurped up every last drop of my cum. When he had me completely clean, I got up from my chair, kissed him on the forehead, and told him to enjoy the rest of his zombie show. I gave my boyfriend a 20-minute show and he was able to keep the urge to cum at bay. As a reward, I will take care of his hard-on before bed. For now, I am very happy to report that my man has excellent dick control. 


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