Hi Babe, did you have a good day? Yes, I am so glad. I got a lot accomplished today. I cleaned, did laundry and decided to clear out the guest bedroom closet. You know we just kept stuffing crap in there we didn’t know what to do with. Why do you look so pale? You are sweating, it isn’t hot in here. Sweetie, could it be the diaper lover discovery I made?!

One thing I love is your honesty with me. From the moment we met, you told me you were a diaper lover and that was who you are. Furthermore, I know how much you love the word “pamper” and all I have to do is whisper it in your ear to turn you on. Because of your honesty, I didn’t have to worry about a diaper lover discovery, or so I thought!

Diaper lover discovery, my guy the diaper lover is truly a sissy.

Why didn’t you tell me you like this girlie stuff? Due to the fact that these are girl’s diapers, I am confused. All pink, with bottles, bunnies, and pacifiers. I know you like grown women and love me. So, the only other explanation is you like to pretend you are a girl. Is this the case? Don’t lie to me, I see your face. I know when you are nervous. Yes, maybe I am mad right now, but you don’t have to be nervous with me.

We have been together for a long time. Weathered storms, had kids and merged families. That being said, I am still blown away you were hiding this. Is it because you are not ready to be this version of you? Consequently, by now, you should know I support you and would help you with this too. It being in this closet for a diaper lover discovery is not cool, at all Babe! Above all, why do that, like a little kid that broke Mom’s favorite vase?

I support you, but right now I am angry and you are going to pay.

Therefore, get undressed and model this hidden side of you. Don’t look at me like that, put on the sissy stuff and show me. Now, sissy bitch! Do what I say or I am going to flip my lid! Do you want me to put your diaper on baby girl? You know how much I love to prep you with the wipes, lotion, and powder.

So, lay down and let me do that. Stop stalling now! Look Barbie, I am getting angrier by the minute so fucking strip and let’s see this new version. Good girl, now lay down and let me get your “pamper” on. That is a big girl! Look at you, my little sissy bitch! Pretty in pink! With this diaper lover discovery, I feel you need to be spanked!

I have my favorite paddle. Lay across my legs.

Certainly, this diaper feels good against my hand as I rub your bum. You like that, don’t you? I can feel you getting hard against my leg. Pamper, Pamper, Pamper! Oh my, that grew big very quickly. You want me to punish you? You do! Good…whack, whack, whack! What a wonderful sound as the paddle hits your diaper. I love it! You do too!

Sliding the diaper to the side…whack, whack, whack! Look at your ass turn red, nice! Let me take my hand and caress it now. The skin on your butt is soft. Does that feel good? We are not done with punishment. Climb down and get on all fours for me. Yes, you heard me correctly, don’t look at me like you don’t understand. Fucking do what I tell you little bitch.

From now on you will be my little bitch!

Now that you are on all fours turn around and look at me. I have my favorite strap-on! Yes, I am putting it on for a reason. Consequently, we have a wonderful way to finish the punishment. Look how good it looks on me! I love wearing a cock and feeling in control of the situation. Furthermore, I have power over you! This is experience helps me grow as at GILF phone sex!

Maybe, put the purple pacifier in your mouth so you look just like a sissy bitch for me. There you go, that is it. Sliding the diaper aside, I rub the strap-on tip back and forth over your ass crack. Finally, I see that tight little butthole clenching up. Hence, it is time for me to give you this big hard strap-on! Nothing like fucking my little bitch!

Want the details? For more, you will need to come to play with me!!

GILF phone sex Frankie