Diaper Fetish – Sissy Michele In Diapers

Diaper Fetish is exciting when playing with a sissy.

Together, my Sissy Michele and I, are posting a blog she wrote about a visit to the doctors.  I hope you love her story as much as I love her!

I have been under the care of Ms. Nicky for several weeks, and have made excellent progress with my goal of becoming much more of a sissy.

I am now enjoying the experience of being a diapered (ladies depends) sissy for Ms. Nicky.  Moreover, the goal is for me to become totally dependent on diapers and Mommy Nicky.

Yesterday, I had an early morning appointment to have blood drawn for an upcoming physical.  Since I assumed it would be a quick visit to the doctors, I put on a clean diaper and headed to the lab.

When I arrived, I found out it would be blood, a chest x-ray, and a urine sample.  I took the urine cup and performed the required task, and then had blood drawn.  Next, was the chest x-ray.

The cute technician led me to a room and told me to strip down to my underwear and put on a hospital gown.

Then, she says with a smile “Remember, the opening goes to the back”

I hate these gowns.  Suddenly, I realize I don’t have underwear on, I have DIAPERS on, and I have to wear this gown with my bottom poking out.  I felt my pulse screaming into overdrive.

At the same time, I remembered Mommy saying to accept who and what I am and to be proud of it.  Well, I wasn’t proud about being busted in diapers, especially women’s diapers, but I had no choice.

So, I put the gown on with the diaper and struggled to tie the strings behind me.  It was a challenge standing still in front of the x-ray plate, not knowing what she could see!  But, that is the life of a diapered Sissy Ad I knew that I was pleasing Mommy by staying diapered for my visit.

Mommy Nicky is the best when it comes to overall sissy training, and is an extremely skilled therapist.

I love her!

Click on the link if you want to read about Mommy Nicky taking her son’s virginity.


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