Diaper Fetish:  Mommy Ramona wants to take you out and display my sweet baby for everyone to see

Diaper Fetish: I love my ABDL callers. Halloween is coming and it is the perfect time of year for all you closeted diaper babies to call me. We can plan on how to make this Halloween the best one you have ever had. Mommy wants to take you out and display my sweet baby for everyone to see. We will have so much fun and you can be who you truly are without having to be self-conscious or hide your secret from anyone. My baby can put on your favorite diaper, plastic pants, bonnet and binky, whatever your little heart desires.

You can go out to a fun Halloween event or just walk around the neighborhood with a diaper on and no one will ever know that you dress like a baby everyday. You can carry an extra diaper in your special diaper bag if you like.

Everyone will smile when they see you and tell you how cute you are. You can talk about your diaper and plastic pants and no one has to know you do this on any other days but for Halloween. You can fulfill your innermost fantasies out in public and be the true Diaper Baby Boy or girl you are.

Maybe you can go visit your family dressed as a Diaper Baby Boy. Little will they know it is not just on Halloween that you wear your diapees.

Call me and I can make all your Fun Halloween fantasies come true. What scenario do you have in mind?

Lets make some diaper fetish phone sex happen.

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