I Wonder what my Diaper Lover is up to Right Now… If He’s Indulging in His Diaper Fetish …

Are you at home? At the office? Out with the boys causing trouble? If I had you with me, I know what I’d be doing. What WE’D be doing together. We’d be indulging in your diaper fetish. Oh, the things I would do to you. With you.

I’d order you to drop your pants…

…push you down onto the bed…

Which pamper will I taunt you with? Those cute ones with the teddy bears? Maybe the one with the baby blocks on them? Paw Paws? Magnificos? Maybe something a bit more girlie, hehehe. Hmmm… maybe I’ll go with a clean and crisp white one. The choice is mine, and mine alone.

Once I made my decision, I would grab the pamper of my choosing off the stack that’s sitting on the nightstand. I would tease you with it at first. Stroking it along the side of your face, gliding it down your chest, your stomach, playfully tapping your rock-hard cock with it. The sweet, intoxicating smell would fill your head, your nostrils.

Oh yes, my diaper lover would not only hear the soft crinkling of the diaper taunting him, but you would be all too aware of every caress against your bare skin.  The knowledge of what’s to come drives you to the very edge of desire.

My Diaper Lover’s Diaper Fetish Would be Riding Him Hard by This Time.

Only then I would smack the side of your hip as I order you to lift that sweet ass of yours.  Methodically, I would open the adult-sized diaper (or pamper as I like to call them), fanning it open slowly, and sliding it under you. Each movement is deliberate and with a specific purpose – to feed your arousal to an almost unbearable peek.

I would lean forward, and my hair would softly fall forward, tickling your chest oh-so-slightly.  You would be very aware of my breasts peeking out of the leather bustier, a strap slipping effortlessly off my shoulder. Your senses would be on overload by now. Feeling my silky stockings teasing your inner thighs. The smell of baby oil lofting from my glistening skin as I bring my lips to your ear, whispering,

“Oh, the things I will do to you… mmmmm”


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Your Free Sex Story & Diaper Fetish Guru,

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