Diaper Fetish: He Wanted a Little More Than to Just Call Me Mommy – Pt 2

Diaper Fetish is now a favorite of mine.  Here is part 2 and I hope you enjoy it.

I made sure to clean everything up since he had wet himself.

I spread his cheeks and wiped him from his balls up past his little rosebud to the top of his butt.

Once that was done, I use the lotion and baby powder.

First, I warmed the lotion in my hands and then rubbed on.  I ran my finger up his rosebud and then all over his balls.

Next, I wrapped my lotioned hand around his pee pee and stroked up and down until it was well coated.

Soon, he started to buck his hips and his cock got rock hard.

Then, he started moaning and cooing like a very happy baby boy.

I told him that since he had been such a good boy, and drank all his dinner, he could cum; and he did.

He came hard!

Finally, it was time to put a new diaper on him.

Mommy made sure to take good care of him.

We didn’t want him getting any rashes!

That night, I rocked him in my arms and sang him lullabies until he fell asleep.

This was the first time we had explored his diaper fetish together.

He said I did a good job as his mommy and he couldn’t wait for more.

We continued this for about a month before he had to move away.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found anyone else that really wanted me to be their mommy like that.

It was satisfying in a way that I can’t really explain.

Hopefully, I find another ABDL to spend some quality time with!

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