Diaper Fetish: He Wanted a Little More Than to Just Call Me Mommy – Pt 1

Diaper Fetish; of all of the fetishes out there the diaper fetish had me a little curious.

I wasn’t really sure what all it entailed until I met a guy that confessed to me that he had a diaper fetish.

He wanted me to be his mommy.

I didn’t have any issues with that since I already was one.

How hard could it be?

One thing he loved was that my tits were still full of milk.

I could definitely relate to that part of the fetish.

Although he did not know it at the time, my pussy would get soaking wet anytime a man drank from my hard nipple.

Sucking on them turned him on like crazy!

One night he showed up at my house wearing sweatpants.

They looked a little puffy and when I asked him about it he said it’s because he had on his diaper.

At first, I was confused.  But, then realized he wasn’t kidding before when he said he was an ABDL and had a diaper fetish.

That was the night I learned what it was all about.

He took off his sweats and crawled around the floor in his diaper making baby sounds.

I told him it was time to eat so he crawled up onto the couch and curled into me to suck my tit.

At that moment, I was in heaven.

My milk dropped, I felt a bead drip from my nipple right before his mouth clamped down over it.

Feeling him drawl my mommy milk into his mouth felt amazing.

When he was all done it was time to change his diaper.

I laid out a blanket and had him lye on his back.

He lifted his feet into the air as I undid his diaper and got out the wipes.

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