The diaper boy keeps making a mess.

Diaper boy is what all of the other students called my son when he went off to school and daycare.  They called him this for obvious reasons, of course.  For being such a big boy, he still never seems to make it to the potty.  My diaper boy might offer his teacher a five-second warning before letting it all go right in front of the entire class.  To be honest, I’ve never had to deal with it that much.  Sure, there’s the obligatory wet diaper when he wakes up, but I cart him off to school before the next one and then to daycare after that.  Now that the quarantine is here and we’re both stuck inside, I’m starting to see how wrong everyone else had it.

How did they do it?!!

My little diaper boy wakes up with a diaper so full that it looks like it’s about to explode!  He must be sneaking juice at night or something.  When I change him and wipe his bottom, the thud the diaper makes as I drop it into the trashcan seems to shake the walls.  I underestimate that little bladder, too, because not 5 minutes after breakfast is he wet again!  Mommy can’t seem to get a break.  As I’m working on the computer, he’ll walk into my office and say, “mommy, look!” before letting it all go right in front of me.  I get to watch helplessly as his diaper expands and expands while he lets out his little sigh of relief.

The one time I took him to the potty

One time, I made him sit on the potty and not move until he went pee-pee.  I had to stay there with him to enforce this rule, or else he’d just get right up and run around while bare-ass naked.  Suddenly, his bladder was all shy now.  I waited for hours.  Not one drop came out.  But, I knew something had to give eventually.  Finally, he yelled out, “Mommy! Mommy!  I gotta!”  I was so excited and got up to see.  But, to my dismay, instead of it all going into the pot, it all went in mommy’s face.  His little penis was so hard that it wasn’t pointing down anymore.  The most potent squirt of piss blasted me in the face and tits while my little diaper boy grunted at the relief of it all.  I don’t blame him for being so satisfied when he’d held so much in, but now I had a huge mess to clean up.

Another surprise

While watching T.V, I noticed him rocking back and forth.  I quickly asked him if he had to go potty, but he stood up and showed me that he already went.  I sighed and got a new diaper ready.  What I didn’t really give much thought to was why he was rocking back and forth.  I would find out soon.  When I opened his diaper, his cock was stiff as a board.  He’s almost always like this when I change him.  What was new, this time, were his instructions.  “Mommy…s-still dirty…” he’d say while thrusting at me to wipe him down again.  So, I did.  “S-still…dirty, mommy.”  I wiped his tiny little pee-pee shooter again until, “Ah!  Mommy!”  Bam!  Right in the face.  “Mmmm. Mommy’s got milk all over now.”

I went to clean it off when…

“No, mommy!  You have to drink milk.  Don’t waste milk, mommy.”  I could hear another tantrum brewing in him, and suddenly days and days of him knocking over his milk flashed before my eyes.  Having to clean up more of his messes just because mommy wouldn’t ‘drink her milk’ was just too much.  I opened my mouth and scooped it all inside.  For good measure, I even sucked the milk that was still dripping from his tip. Although, that may have been a mistake because I got a good squirt of piss in my mouth for my troubles.

All of this happened in one week.  How the heck am I supposed to get through the rest of this quarantine with a little incest boy?  Any advice?  Call my phone sex line and let me know.