Tricked By A Guest Member Of Our Church, The Devil Was Within

Tricked By A Guest Member Of Our Church, The Devil Was Within. This Past Sunday we had a visiting pastor and his wife as guests to our church. They were visiting from New Orleans, and are part of a group of Pastors and their wives, that will be visiting various member churches in the southern region. This couple was an interracial couple, which is not very usual in our Southern Region ministry, but everyone is equal in the eyes of the Lord, or so it is said. The Pastor Charles was white, and his wife Sheila was black.

Needless to say, Sheila is a very strong, very athletic woman.

Supposedly Charles was doing ministry work on the campus Sheila was attending, and that is how they met. Charles and Sheila arrived Saturday afternoon, and he would be giving the sermon Sunday morning at our church. They arrived around 3:30 pm. My husband was on last-minute errands getting things together for Sunday mornings service, so I showed Charles and Sheila to the guest suit behind the church, and told them to make themselves comfortable, and when my husband returned we would come over, and figure out where we would like to eat dinner.

Just before they arrived, I had taken a shower, and put on a little one-piece summer dress with shoulder straps. I had not yet put on panties when the doorbell rang. I would have to admit the dress fit a little snug and hugged the contour of my body nicely. As we talked, I noticed Charles staring at my breasts. What a naughty pastor I thought to my self. Sheila asked if she could use the restroom, and I gave her directions. First door on the left down the hall. I asked them if they would like something to drink, as she walked towards the hall, and she said, she would like a glass of wine to relax after the long drive if I had any available.

I told her no problem, I would open a fresh bottle.

Charles said he would take a glass of wine as well. As I poured our glasses of wine Charles commented on how he had talked to Wendy during the retreat a couple of weeks ago. He commented on how much fun she and Stacie had at the retreat. I found the comment rather strange, because as you all recall the only fun Stacie, Wendy, and myself had been a wine intoxicated threesome. Sheila returned from the restroom, and we drank our wine over small talk. The phone rang, and it was my husband saying he would be about an hour longer because the print shop was still finishing the programs for tomorrows service. I told him Charles, and Sheila had arrived.

He said show them to the guest suite, and make them comfortable. After showing them to the guest suite, I walked back to the house. I finished my glass of wine and was rinsing it out when Charles walks through the door without knocking startling me. He apologizes for scaring the devil out of me and says he forgot his cell phone. I was at the bar where he was sitting. I picked it up off the bar and handed it to him.

He then asked me if he could have another glass of wine to help relax a little more.

He said Sheila was taking a shower. and wanted to take a nap before we went out this evening. I opened the fridge to get the bottle of wine, and when I turned around Charles was standing right behind me. He took the bottle of wine from my hand and put it on the counter. Then he was standing directly in front of me now. Next, he stepped back a few steps staring me up and down commenting, “Aren’t you a Sweet Southern Morsel”. I look at him, and said, “What did you say ?”. He said Wendy told him all about how she and Stacie fucked me when we arrived at the retreat, while the pastors were planning the week’s activities. Wendy said you ate her pussy like a pro, while Stacie fucked you with her huge black strap-on cock. The devil story to be continued…….

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