Deviant Accomplice Play Can Feed and Quench Our Perverse and Darkest of Needs That Lie Deep Within Us

Do you like deviant accomplice play as much as I do? Of course, you do. The fact of the matter is, is that we all do.  Now I know we all would like to deny that there are darker desires that lie within us. That there is a perverse place that is thrilled with the exploration of forced sex stories, of what society has labeled taboo, sadism (or masochism as the case may be), or deeply violent.

A place that, if we are truly honest with ourselves, has a depraved fascination with things that involve illicit, if not downright illegal activities. Things like stalking, kidnapping, torture, vore/consumption, rape, and even scenarios that involve “snuff” content. In particular, adding the element of pedo play to the already deviant mix can ramp things up to a most combustible and dare I say, satisfying climax. One that can evoke those baser desires. Ramping up our corrupted appetite. And with that, we need to experience it again… and again… again. Now, if we combine a couple or even several of those elements – well, I don’t think I need to explain how addictive those explorations can be.

Think I exaggerate the effects that deviant accomplice play can elicit? Let’s test my theory then, shall we?

For this little experiment, let’s say we’ve been stalking a sweet little morsel. Moreover, she’s young and innocent and perfect for our deviant accomplice play. And as such, one that we plan to snatch up, kidnapping her and making her the center of all our debased actions. Let me tell you, I do so love to plan out our deviously dark actions! It truly makes me dripping wet (and I know it makes you rock hard as well!!)!  Correspondingly, I feed off the surge of power that pulsates through my veins, sending an adrenaline rush through every cell in my body.

We’ve done our due diligence. Planned every movement. Mapped out her every move. Notably, she’s such a creature of habit. She didn’t suspect a thing when I befriended her, did she? Just soaked up all the attention I gave her. Nothing like being treated like an adult to make an unsuspecting victim bring down her defenses. With this in mind, she didn’t suspect anything when I guided her over to our van. The van where you lay in wait. Where you had the rag drenched with chloroform meant for her.

My body is practically vibrating in anticipation. We made quick work of getting her unconscious body into the van. I‘ve done my research and I know the chloroform I’d procured will keep her silent and easy to transport. Our destination is a secluded cabin tucked away in the mountains.

We have everything set up there. And we’ve also made sure there are no neighbors for miles from our little den of iniquity. Wouldn’t want anyone to hear the ear-piercing screams that are sure to transpire! Such interrupts would definitely not be welcomed. Although, adding an unexpected plaything to the mix might very well ramp up the festivities, hehehe.

The playroom in our cabin is set up for all our perverse and deviant accomplice play.

There, we will indulge in all our wicked and deviant accomplice play needs. She will learn to love the pain, teaching her to crave the transforming sensations, finding pleasure in the pain. Yes, her introduction to the flogger, as well as the whip, will be quite the eye-opener.  We will test every hole of hers, filling and fucking each and every one of them.

She will also learn the exquisite and torturous joys of forced orgasms. In addition, I will adore watching her start to move to the dark side. Forcing her to admit her degenerate cravings. Of how her body betrays her now warped needs. Such a mind-fuck is always on the menu of our fouled playbook.

That’s when we’ll make her see that she’s just a slut, a whore. In particular that she’s just a fuck toy to fulfill our extremely taboo desires. Indeed, we will make her our special little pain slut. One that will be begging to be whipped, to be flogged. She will writhe with exquisite pain as we coat her body with molten wax.

I want to watch as you fuck her ass as I use her mouth for my pleasure, teaching her the art of eating pussy. You want that too, don’t you? We are of like minds, you and I. Come join me for a bit of dark but oh-so-satisfying deviant accomplice play.

Just pick up the phone and dial my phone sex line, and let us partake of some deeply depraved but ultimately satisfying taboo phone sex

Your Free Sex Story & Deviant Accomplice Play Guru,

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke