But My Caller’s Deviant Abduction Fantasy Pulled Me Right In

His voice, I’ll always remember from Phone Sex Kingdom. His deviant abduction fantasy, I’ll never forget. He took me down a road to something so sick and twisted that I will probably need professional help. But I liked it, I liked it too much. I shared it and I got off on it. Even though I’ve always been a fairly level headed female, I kept thinking about it.  He whispered that filth into my ear and I liked it, no I loved it. I wanted more, I wanted to do it too.

Filth like: “Kidnap her and bring her to me. I need something sweet and young to destroy.” My mind was being blown. I got so very excited and soaking wet in my panties. My thoughts were racing wondering who I would find for him. Would it be a girl walking down the street? One of the cute flirty girls at the mall? Or would it be the sweet girl who lived right next door to me? That quiet shy pretty little neighbor girl. She would be the one. I already knew her, so I wouldn’t need to gain her trust. I already had it.

The little neighbor girl walked my dog nearly every day. The perfect cover for when I snatched her up and stole her away. First, stop on our trip my favorite bar. She would fuck every black cock in there. Torn open and dripping cum, that once innocent little snatch was now a well-oiled cum dump. That wouldn’t be the end of it though. She was far from done.

My Deviant Abduction Fantasy Might Be A Bit Twisted, But It Will Never Be Boring.

The second stop would be a sicko horny lesbian woman I knew. That was where the real milf phone sex fun started. Hanging her over a 20-inch dildo, those kinky bitches impaled that young snatch with that huge dildo on repeat. I was again surprised that her screams and pleadings were music to my ears. Something about that small voice asking for help really turned me on.

Sometimes, my caller, have me do the kidnap but tonight was a bit different. He was in the mood to do the kidnapping himself. He saw me on the playground, swinging with my hair in pigtails and a little skirt on. Of course, he noticed that I didn’t have any undies on and that got his attention.

He pulled me into his car without anyone noticing. It was so scary, I couldn’t scream. I felt his hand slide up my inner thigh. He looked at me and told me he knew I wasn’t wearing panties. He said that only nasty sluts that are expecting to get fucked go around without panties. I told him I didn’t know what that meant. He assured me that I would soon find out.

Our Deviant Abduction Fantasy Got So Violent

Once we arrived at our destination, he yanked me by my pony and thrust me in the door of his trailer. He unsnapped his belt buckle. I could feel his fist holding my neck down as he used his other fingers to lift my hips up. Then I could feel his palms spreading my butt-cheeks wide. What was he doing!!

Closing my eyes, I begged that it would all be over quick. But this was just the beginning of his kink. He slid himself deep into my tiny underage fantasy butt. I felt his arm wrap across my throat and squeeze. He was trying to cause me to lose consciousness and it worked. He had breeding phone sex on his mind.

I recall waking up in his bed, my itty bitty pussy hole stretched out with some creamy liquid seeping out of it. But I can’t quite remember what exactly happened to me. I attempted to crawl off the mattress and to the window when I overheard his steps. He was back and yelled to me “I am here for more preteen fuck slut” with his prick in his palm. Then everything went dark and cold. My deviant abduction fantasy was morphing into a snuff fantasy. I had no choice in the matter.

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