Jerry didn’t know what to expect when he wound up in detention for throwing spit balls in class. He was a decent high school kid with decent grades who just felt a like being naughty one day and ended up in a room surround by rejects and dropouts. When the bell rang the rejects flew out of the classroom and into the the streets but Miss Matthews, his science teacher, has different plans for him. “Excuse me Jerry”, she said in a stern tone, “but you are not excused from detention. I have a project for you.” She locks the door and closes the blinds. “I don’t want us to be disturbed.”

Jerry complained, “You can’t keep me any longer than the rest of them. It’s against the rules and teachers are supposed to follow the rules.” Miss Matthews pulled off her black rimmed glasses and walked closer to him, “What if I don’t follow their rules? What if I’m a naughty teacher.”  She pulls out the clip that’s holding her hair in a bun and shakes her long blonde locks on her shoulders. Jerry is mesmerized by her beauty.

“I’ve been watching you Jerry and there’s something I want you to do for me.” Jerry asks, “And what is that, Miss Matthews? I’ll do anything for you.” She grins and teases, “Anything? Good. Then take off your shirt so I can see your chest.” As he takes off his shirt Miss Matthews takes off her blouse. Her huge nipples peak through her sheer black lace bra. Jerry’s cock starts to get hard.

Naughty Teacher
Naughty Teacher

“That’s a beautiful bra your wearing, Miss Matthews.” He laughs at him, “Oh, so you like my bra? Well, what about these huge tits that I packed into this bra?” He mumbles. “There gorgeous.” She laughs again, “How can you tell? They’re covered up by the bra?” “Well, from what I see they look really good.” She walks closer to him, “Well, you can’t give a proper compliment if you can’t see them fully.” She pulls down her bra straps, unfastens it from the back, pulls off the bra, throws it in the air and jiggles  her tits in Jerry’s face. “So how do like them now?”, she moans.

Jerry lunges for her tits and grabs them with both hands. Miss Matthews likes his rough touch. “Take off your damn, pants.”, she sighs. Jerry drops his pants as his teacher pulls down her skirt showing off her firm smooth hips and tight ass. Jerry slides his finger inside her bikini panties and fingers her clit as he sucks her big tits.

Miss Matthews runs her fingers through Jerry’s wavy black hair, cradles his face in her hands, and says “You are going to follow my instructions completely. The maintenance workers won’t be on this side of campus for another hour and a half and I have so many things to teach you in that time.” Jerry knew this would be his most memorable lesson from his high school years. The day he had DETENTION with a NAUGHTY TEACHER.