Detailed sex stories that’ll leave you hard

I knew it was wrong but as I watched through my bedroom window I couldn’t walk away. I’m older than he is, I shouldn’t be looking he’s practically a kid. His back side facing me, I could see the water running down his back. He stood in front of his mirror toweling off from the shower. Nothing is sexier than looking at a mans dripping wet hot bod. All I can picture is him on top of me thrusting inside while I grab a hold of those well defined biceps. When he turned around I almost swore he caught me looking. Maybe it was a good thing after all because afterwards I left the window and went to bed. The next morning the boy next door came over to do my yard work. It’s one of the many things he does for me to pay his way into college.

This is one of my many kinky detailed sex stories

I can’t resist watching

detailed sex storiesThe way he sweats when he’s working in my yard is so sexy. Watching him get dirty from changing my oil is another sexy thing to see. But it was late so after his shower I brought dinner to his house. Of course he convinced me to stay over and have my dinner there. My husband was away so why not, right? He lives like an average college boy but has manners like a real man. Grabbing a very tasteful bottle of wine we enjoyed our dinner and drink. I noticed he’s very persistent with the flirting but when I try and leave he makes it difficult. He grabs my wrist and pulls me into him, and then kisses me hard. After a few seconds I come to reality pulling back and explaining this is wrong.

He makes it hard to say no

detailed sex storiesThis only makes him try harder, this time pushing me against the wall kissing me, touching me. Between kissing my neck, he is begging, begging for me to see he wants me. He makes it known he sees me watching him, and he knows I secretly want him. His hands are sensually removing my clothes as he tells me he is the better man for me.  Before I even realize it he has me lost in his touch, and I’m allowing him inside me. He pulls me away from the wall and we fall onto his sofa bed. It remained sensual not rough and if I’m being honest it felt amazing. His slow thrusting, love making had my mind spinning. I couldn’t stop him but it felt so good why would I want to.

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