Detailed sex stories Poltergeists Pounding Part 2

If you don’t want to miss the beginning please read Crazy Sex Stories Part 1. Most times I feel that detailed sex stories often captivate the reader much more than just something thrown together. I like to be very descriptive so that readers actually feel like they are part of the story. I hope you enjoy the Detailed sex stories of my ghost fuckery. Maybe you’ll want a hot little phone sex session after. Enjoy…

At first, My Legs were wide open, and I felt the weight being shifted on the bed. It felt as if someone or something was holding me down.  It gently touched my pink pussy. Slowly moving and writhing what felt like incredibly long fingers around my tight little twat. I tried to get up, I tried to move. I was no match for the weight bearing down on me and keeping me open and pinned.  What I felt next I wasn’t ready for. However, I don’t think it mattered if I was ready or not.

My Legs were stretched and spread wide as something parted them further. Should I yell for help? this thought ran through my mind like wildfire. However, the ideas spark faded quickly. I am in my home and there is no one around for miles to hear my screams. For example, Even at my most vulnerable being hazed by a bunch of scantily dressed college girls yielding pig heads, I still felt more in control than now.

Furthermore, I decided that this, this THING was much stronger than me.

No need for my screams, no need to cry. What was going to happen was going to happen and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it. I needed to give in. Stop fighting, stop wiggling. I took 4 big deep breaths and I felt something BIG enter me. My pussy opening wide for this invisible penetration. It hurt and felt so good at the same time. My body was betraying my mind. I felt myself becoming wetter, more aroused.

The curtain end that seemed so gentle before now lashed at my nipples almost punishing them. The demonic voice seemed dormant up until this point, began to growl. The invisible rod penetrated me over and over again growing with force and persistence. Pain with pleasure was driving me mad, I began coming undone with this poltergeists fucking me. I was going to cum and I just couldn’t stop myself.

Detailed Sex Stories make you feel as if you are living them…

Furthermore, I heard the demon growl and let out an earth-shattering grunt with his last forceful plunge, I felt the phallus swell and fill me. Releasing what I knew was the spawn of everything evil into me. Relieved at the thought that this was all over. I allowed myself to relax. Without warning, my legs were bound to open to my 4 poster bed. I screamed and cried. Begging for it to release me.

Consequently, I know now that this poltergeist wasn’t just part of my detailed sex stories.

Lastly, I may not have wanted it but since it happened I kind of look for it. Soon it will be time for the poltergeist to visit me, especially since I lost my self in passion. Hence my bodies yearning.

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